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Our Dreamlike Packs

Secret Synergy

Secret Synergy I

Now is the time to share this first Secret Synergy.


It combines sacred treasures from India & Ancient China, Ecuador, South Africa & Japan.  


These powers are not to be taken lightly!


  Taken separately, each of these constituents already prove to be incredible allies in everyday life, day and night, waking and dreaming ...


Together, a Synergy is created.  


We want you to experience these amazing effects for yourself ...


  Pack contents:

  - 50g of Ashwagandha

  - 50g  by Ginkgo Biloba

  - 50g of Siberian Ginseng

  - 50g of Gotu Kola

  - 50g of Shatavari

  - 50g of Holy Basil

  - 50g of Guayusa

  - 20g of Kanna (Full'Pack)

Each of these herbs are certified organic!


Or 21 days of minimum use.

This pack allows a reduction of more than 7  euros :)


  How to use it :

It is during daily use that the powers of this synergy will be revealed. All measurements are approximate, none of these plants are dangerous, don't worry if you are lacking in precision, intuition is your best bet!


Here is the procedure to follow:  

  - In 1/2 to 1ll of cold water, add  3 to 4g of Ashwagandha, 5g of Ginkgo Biloba, 5g of Siberian Ginseng, 5g of Shatavari,  3g of Guayusa  (* the guausa is optional). You can also add solid spices to  make this drink tasty (fresh Ginger & Turmeric, cloves, cinnamon sticks, cardamoms, Nigella seeds ...).  

  -  Bring the water to a simmer. Simmer like this, with a lid, for 20 to 90  minutes (the longer and smoother the preparation, the better).

  - Then, take it out of the heat, filter (do not throw away!), Add 3g of Holy Basil, 4g of Gotu Kola  &  1g of Kanna (approximately), add powdered spices (ginger, cinnamon,  cardamom, vanilla ...)  let infuse  5 minutes, then filter again.

  - Add  honey, sugar, pollen, vegetable milk or any other ingredient that inspires you!  


It's ready :) Best to drink in the morning, on an empty stomach or not too full, or at best  smoothly over the continuation of the day.

The next day, reuse the same ingredients as the day before.

Each ingredient can be used 2  times so as not to waste the active ingredients.


So, day after day, the secret will be revealed ...


Important note: 

-  Guayusa being loaded with a molecule close to caffeine, it should not be abused! Do not use it more than 2 days / 3 (regular breaks are important) It brings a good dose of energy and awareness, but as soon as you feel in good shape  every day, try to do Without!

- After 3 weeks of daily use, take a break of at least 1 week.

Composition  :

❁ Ginkgo Biloba

❁ Ashwagandha

❁ Gotu Kola

❁ Holy Basil

❁ Guayusa

❁ Shatavari

❁ Siberian Ginseng

❁ Kanna

Culture 100%


Leaves, Seeds, Roots, Barks ...


Whole, &

Finely cut

Choice of Pack:

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