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The Oniromix is a mixture of Dream Plants composed by us.  

It is ideal to use with a Vaporizer

& it can be mixed with the Herbal'Mix  or Tobacco .

Oniromix is perhaps the top 1 herb to smoke:

Its texture is soft & its tasty, flowery taste.

Its effects are subtle but not so much, a perfect balance to be able to consume it day & night, at any time.

The Oniromix brings Calm & Clarity.

Like any dream plant, it should be used regularly for several days before perceiving the effects on the dream.

  We concoté 2 different blends on a base of Caléa Zacatechichi, Uvuma-Omhlope and Herbal'mix.


  From these 3 ingredients was born "Oniromix Herbal '".

  In order to vary the pleasures, we added to one of them Guayusa leaves, a powerful stimulating plant and master of lucid dreams. This is "Oniromix Guayusa".

  Finally, "Oniromix Lotus" contains Rose Lotus petals, a highly spiritual relaxing flower.

This product  is not intended for self-medication.

To find in:

The Oniropack Dreams Voyageur  ->

Composition  :

  Calea Zacatechichi



❁ L otus Rose or Guayusa

Culture 100%


Roots,  Sheets,  Flowers & Petals


In powders &

Finely cut

Choice of Mix (10g):

Quick Description

A Synergy specially designed to be smoked, a very sweet taste that satisfies everyone, Oniromix gently clarifies & relaxes while opening the door to Dream little by little ...

Main Effects

Memories of Dreams, Intense Dreams, Flexibility of the Spirit Lucid Dreams, Awakening of the Senses, Body & Spirit Relaxation, Well-being ...

Conso Mode '

Thoroughly reduce to powder, then

To sprinkle generously

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