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Toning Herbs

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba

"A leaf divided in two which forms only one, tender green in summer, golden in autumn. Ginkgo biloba seems to unite the present moment and eternity, the softness of the moon and the vigor of the sun" Alain Greenhouses. "


  The Ginkgo, or tree with a thousand crowns, is part of the Ginkgoaceae family, the oldest species of trees in the world. Fossils have made it possible to date the first Ginkgo to around 270 million years ago.


They almost disappeared in the Cretaceous period, but a few specimens have survived in an isolated Chinese valley.

Ginkgo is known in Asia as a symbol of strength, growth and longevity.


The main effects of Ginkgo Biloba are to protect the metabolism, to promote the proper functioning of the body and its various organs.


It promotes circulation and cerebral microcirculation, thus improving memory, concentration and learning faculties.


In order to benefit from its benefits, Ginkgo Biloba is consumed daily during cures generally lasting several weeks. By preparing a decoction of its leaves (boiled for about twenty minutes) the vast majority of the properties of ginkgo are extracted. It is only with repeated use that its benefits can arise  in the body.


  It would also fight degenerative diseases of the brain, slow down Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, fight against dementia and, protect against cardiovascular disease, prevent mountain sickness, fight cell degeneration and protect from radiation ( Ginkgo Biloboa is one of the only plant species to survive in Hiroshima, producing buds from the charred tree less than 1 km from the epicenter).


  In Asia, it has been used for millennia to combat respiratory disorders and asthma.


Ginkgo is mainly composed of Flavanoids, considered to be powerful antioxidants slowing the aging of cells; as well as Gingolides-Bilobalides which prevent the formation of blood clots while promoting good venous circulation as well as good cerebral circulation.


However, Ginkgo is not recommended for hemophiliacs, pregnant women, epileptics, as well as people who are about to undergo surgery.

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This product  is not intended for self-medication.



China & Japan


of origins:

Many in Asia



Quick Description

Ancestral Tree bearing the Memories of the Earth ... It is  one of the most powerful brain booster. It is rich in a thousand secrets ...

Main Effects

Brain booster,

Concentration, Clarity, Flexibility  of the Spirit, Well-being, Balance  Psychic, Relaxation of the nervous system, Memory of Dreams

Conso Mode '

  4g in decoction

Daily use

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