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Relaxing Herbs



(Helicrysum Odoratissmum)

Helichrysum odoratissmum, better known as Imphepho & Immortelle, is a mysterious plant that is found throughout much of Africa.

It has been used for centuries by healers in ritualistic healing & magic ceremonies.

It is still used by the Kwa-Zulu peoples of South Africa in smoking mixes, often in combination with potent shamanic tobacco. This mixture is said to induce deep states of trance and visions while bringing the sacred messages of the ancestors. These messages help them to heal others & find solutions to village problems.

The Khoihkoi people of South Africa prepare tea from the leaves and flowers of the Imphepho, which they call Buchu. This tea  would allow  to induce states of ecstatic trance during which shamans can guess the future. This tea is often made with a combination of different psychoactive plants native to the region ...


  Imphepho is often burnt in incense and inhaled as a purifier & protector.

  It is very effective in purifying houses of negative energy, in Lesotho it was also often used in sick rooms.

  Indeed, Imphepho has anti-microbial, anti-pain, anti-parasite, calming & purifying properties.

  It is often used in fumigation to treat coughs & colds. In addition, it would tend to repel insects & parasites, seriously enough to ensure a serene night.

  For many traditions, the most significant and intoxicating effects would come from inhaling the smoke of the burnt grass. Once inhaled, the sensations of relaxation and stupor are felt quickly.

It has been most often used to relax people with anxiety disorders and to help those with insomnia fall asleep.

Typically, dry stems, leaves and flowers have been incenseed / smoked / drunk several hours before bedtime.

Today this herb is often praised, smoked or drunk in tea in order to bring a pleasant state of relaxation, depth of Spirit, connection to the Sacred. It allows according to the sensitivity of each one to enter into deep meditative states which can go as far as waking dreams & ecstatic trances.

He is recognized for his ability to clarify the mind day and night & lead to Lucid Dreaming with ease.

  Ethnographic reports cite some handwritten passages from shamans from the Lesotho region of South Africa. They describe themselves entering a hypnotic state where dreams are experienced with the usual clarity of consciousness. In this state of semi-consciousness, the shaman is able to communicate with the spirit world and receive the blessings and knowledge of past generations. They also signal that the body falls into a dream state, leaving it in a sense of slight physical paralysis, while the mind and memory remain intact and cohesive. By maintaining this state of consciousness for a while, they are then able to enter the dream world with their full faculties.


Imphepho is not a psychoactive, it helps the consciousness and the organism to be in the right conditions to let go & live the experience of the Sacred ...

This product  is not intended for self-medication.


Origin  :

South Africa

Ethnic origins:

Hottentots, KhoïKhoï ...

100% organic culture



Finely cut

Amount :

Quick Description

This mysterious African flower guides towards the depths of the Self in a surge of relaxation & meditation ...

Main Effects

Flexibility of the Spirit, Awakening of the Senses, Well-being, Innovative dreams, Inner journey, Body & Spirit relaxation, Finding sleep ...

Conso Mode '

TO  sprinkle 


Ideal Texture

2g in infusion.


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