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Our Dreamlike Packs

Pack Ubulawu

Ubulawu Pack

 The Ubulawu Pack brings together the 4 roots of the Ubulawu Family that we have managed to share with you.  

It is wise to discover each of them, together & separately, to find the synergy that best suits each one! Follow your intuition :)

It is therefore composed of:

  - 20g of Undlela Ziimlophe - Silene Capensis s

  - 10g of Uvuma-Omhlope - Synaptolepis Kirkii

  - 10g of Mukanya Kude - Acacia Xantophloea

It is possible to add 10g of Caléa Zacatechichi for an additional € 3.


Composition  :

  Silene capensis

❁ Mukanya Kude


❁ Ubhubhubhu

Culture 100%


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