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Dream Herbs

Caléa Zacatechichi

Entada Rheedii

Whole Seeds, Extract and Resin x100

Quick Description

Entada is a mysterious seed, bearer of sensitivity & surprising discoveries. It is also a powerful aid to calm the mind & relax.

Main Effects

Memories of Dreams, Intense & Spectacular Dreams, Innovative Dreams, Lucid Dreams, Clarity & Lucidity, SupraConsciousness, Body & Mind Relaxation, Finding Sleep ...

Conso Mode '

Particularly suitable for replacing the Canna '.

In filament (resin) or sprinkle (powder)

0.3g in infusion

(rapid dilution, 2min)

Entada extract out of stock for a few days,

Back mid April at the latest! 

The seeds are available :)

  African dream seeds have been consumed by the indigenous tribes of Africa for centuries. Considered a valuable natural remedy, they are also used in shamanic practices to enter into a relationship with spirits.  


  Entada Rheedii increases Consciousness during Dreaming and intensifies all of the Dreamer's perceptions. These seeds are powerful allies in the taking of Lucidity in the dream (lucid dream). Dreams influenced by Entada are often intense, rich in meaning and sensations. Entada greatly facilitates astral travel and communication with spirits. The quality of sleep is also generally improved.


  The substance in this seed has traditionally been taken or smoked with tobacco, both during the day and before sleeping.

To consume this extract, 0.05g seems sufficient for each intake.

  Entada rheedii acts on the awakened consciousness as a tranquilizer. It tends to cut off the mind and bring with it a meditative state. It is therefore very popular for helping to find calm before sleep, while powerfully stimulating dream activity.


It stimulates intuition and receptivity.  


Many users have managed to switch their Cannabis consumption to Entada Rheedii!


  The seeds are also believed to bring good luck, which is why they are worn as a talisman. They are generally considered "magical".


  Entada Rheedii also has medicinal effects. In tribal medicine, the seeds have been used for centuries, and an ointment made from these seeds is known to reduce inflammation and relieve joint pain.


  The African dream seed is a large seed giving huge pods. Entada Rheedii is a climbing plant that usually grows near rivers and streams in which it deposits its seeds for natural distribution. It is for this reason that African dream seeds can be found on beaches all over the world and grow in Asia and Australia. The seeds deposited in rivers are transported to the sea and travel thousands of kilometers around the world.


Other names for Entada Rheedii African Dream Seed:  Adenanthera gogo, African Dream Herb, Balugo, Dipai, Dream Bean, Entada phaseolides, Entada pursaetha, Entada rheedei, Garambi, Garbi, Gogo, Gogong-bakai, Kakavalli, Kessing, Lipai, Matchbox Bean, Mimosa entada, Mimosaceae Pusaetha Bean, Sea Heart, Snuff Box Sea Bean, Tamayan


Entada Rheedi extract is produced by hydro-alcoholic extraction.  

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This product is not intended for self-medication.

Native country :

Thai moor

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