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 ~> General Information


Here is what we will see in this first Guide:

- Understand how to use a plant (vaporize? Smoke? Infuse? Decoct? Eat? ..)

- Small Optimization Keys

- The 2 modes of action: Consumption 'punctual for Quick Effect & Conso' repeated for Long Term Effect ~ or Deep Transformation ~

  - Understand how to use a plant:


It is not always easy to know how to consume a plant,

  Here are some general tips that do not apply all the time, however, it is best to      fill in more detail for each plant concerned.

In general, we deduce the method of use depending on the part of the plant that is used:

- The Roots, Barks, Branches & Nuts are solid, they are generally used in Decoction.

- The flowers, leaves & small stems, not very resistant, are most often used in Infusion .

The plants that can be eaten are clearly marked for this; However, all plants can be “tasted”, a nice way to “connect” to them (see “Sacred Use”) or to practice “micro-dosing”.

  - How do I know if a Weed is smokable?

  It is most often the flowers & leaves that can be smoked, however some powdery (such as Uvuma-Omhlope) or very soft (Kanna) roots are an exception.

Plants lose a large part of their active ingredients when smoked.

  When it comes to Vaporization, herbs that can be smoked & powdered herbs are fine. However, the ideal heating temperature remains a mystery. We do not yet have enough information to answer the questions relating to it, do not hesitate to share your knowledge on this subject with us by contacting us or writing on the community group.

  -  The little keys to optimize consumption (infusions, decoctions, macerations):

  1. Consuming a preparation on an empty stomach in the morning always allows a more complete integration of its properties.

  2. "  Spread out  "Its consumption allows"  bathe  In the influence of the Grass used. Rather than a simple tea in the morning, it can therefore be interesting to prepare 1 liter of drink to enjoy it all day.

  3. If you are not in a hurry, you can let your herbs "macerate" for a while following an infusion or decoction. 

  4. Re-use your Herbs several times: In general, the roots & bark are so strong that they can be used in 2 or 3  times (see +!). Most of the leaves & flowers can easily be infused twice.

  5. Follow the Guide to the Sacred Use of Herbs to multiply their powers & your ability to receive them ... (coming soon)

  - The 2 modes of action:  One-off consumption for rapid effect,

Repeated Consumption for Long Term Effect ~> Deep Transformation

  The occasional consumption of an herb, once in a while, allows you to benefit from its immediate effects on the body. This is often the way herbs are used.  Relaxing &  Energizing.

  However, it is possible to effect a profound transformation of the organism by repeatedly using the many herbs which have the power to do so.

  We add the words "  Deep Transformation ”with Herbs which reveal their greatest secrets when used in this way.

  These Herbs reveal their talents day after day & night after night. It is good to “spread out” their consumption throughout the day (see Optimization keys ).

  The great power of these Herbs is to truly transform the organism, so the transformation obtained is maintained even when we stop consuming the Herbs.

Do you have any remarks?

Contact us or write them on the self-help group !

Informations Générales
Infusion, Décoction, Macération...

-> Infusion, Decoction, Maceration ...

In this guide you will find:

  • Additional Information About Dosages

  • Gustatory Advice

  • What is an Infusion?

  • What is a Decoction?

  • What is a Maceration? A Solar or Lunar infusion?

  - About dosages  :

  The dosages recommended on the site are for one person. When it comes to making a drink for + one person, it is usually not necessary to multiply the amount used.

A good basis of calculation can be "  Recommended dosage x1.5  »For 2pers / x2.5 for 3pers. / x3 for 4 people ...

  - Approximate Dosages  :

 With or without scales, it is possible to use the Herbs present on this site without danger.

We sometimes offer  an equivalent in "  spoon  "Or"  pinch  "In order to facilitate the dosage"  at the eye  ".

  - How much water  ?

  It is mainly a question of personal taste, the quantity of water varying mainly the taste intensity of the preparation.

  For another type of effect, it is however possible to spread its consumption over the day by preparing 1 liter of drink: in this case, the dosage recommended for a person can be maintained, or slightly increased.

  - Gustatory Advice  :

Some Herbs are not to everyone's taste. Here are some tips  :

  • In order to improve the taste aspect of a preparation, it is of course possible to add Honey or Sugar.
  • Varying the amount of water makes the taste + or - intense.

  • You can also think of adding Milk or Vegetable Milk.

  • It is quite possible to add, according to your inspirations, a wide variety of spices  : Cinnamon, Cardamom, Ginger, Clove ... By thus transforming each of its preparations into real "  Chai  ".

  • Coconut Oil, very healthy, sometimes allows better integration of active ingredients by retaining them in its fat. It also softens the taste of preparations.

  • Cocoa, added in lukewarm water if possible (in order to preserve its properties), tends to impose its intense taste. Handy for concealing bitterness or harshness!

  • Do you have any other tips for improving a drink? Contact us or Share it on the community group! We will be able to share it with everyone :)

  - What is an Infusion?

  An Infusion consists of placing a certain quantity of Herb (generally Leaves, Flowers & stems) in water previously brought to a boil. It is good to wait a minute for the temperature of the water to drop a little after removing it, boiling, from the heat.

  The Infusion makes it possible to extract "  slowly  »The active ingredients of a plant. Usually, it only takes 5-10 minutes to get most of the potency offered by the Brew, before the taste gets too overwhelming. However, for a more intense Infusion, nothing prevents to infuse for 30mins.

  Beyond that, it is a process of "  Maceration  », Solar or Lunar Infusion ...

Don't forget to reuse the Infused Herbs once or twice!

- What is a Decoction?

  The decoction consists in bringing a certain quantity of Grass to a boil (in general Roots, Barks, Nuts ...).

  1. You can drop your herbs directly into cold water;

  2. It is good to be satisfied with simmering or slightly boiling water.  ;

  3. The preparation must be done "  covered  »In order to protect against the evaporation of active ingredients.

  4. Herbs used must "  decoct  »At least 20mins. The ideal time for a decoction is between 40 & 60min at low heat.

  5. For those who do not have time in the morning, it is quite possible to prepare a decoction the day before and then let the preparation macerate off the heat all night in order to consume it the next day.

  6. Consuming a decoction spread out (in 1/2 or 1l of water throughout the day) is often a good way to integrate the active ingredients gently.

Don't forget to reuse the decocted herbs once or twice!


- Maceration, Solar Infusion, Lunar Infusion?

  Maceration consists of leaving “  soak  »A certain amount of Grass.

This can be done after a decoction or an infusion.

  Maceration lasts several hours, it is the most «  soft  »To extract the active ingredients from the Herbs. It is a good way to discover in subtlety the powers of a Herb.

  Do not underestimate maceration, it is a good way to optimize your preparations!

  Solar Infusion & Lunar Infusion are ancestral processes that can be found in many traditions. They allow liquid preparations to soak up solar or lunar energies. It is in fact maceration .

  To make a solar or lunar infusion, it is enough to let its preparation macerate in a bottle, a salad bowl or any container.  glass.

  For a Solar infusion , place this container  in the Sun for a few hours or a whole day,

  For a Lunar infusion , place this container for a few hours or a whole night in the moonlight, especially on full moon nights!

  These 2 types of infusions are full of a certain magic that is up to you to discover.

  The effects may or may not be subtle, depending on your own sensitivity, the power of the sun & moon that day  & the awareness that you will offer to the experience during the preparation &  the consumption....

To learn more about this kind of practice, discover the Guide to the Sacred Use of Herbs (soon) :)

Don't forget to reuse the macerated herbs several times!

Do you have any Suggestions?

Contact us or share them on the self-help group !

Thank you :)

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