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Raw Cacao in all its forms

Butter, Dough, Powder, Beans &  Shards

Ethnicities  of origins:


Maya, Aztec

Countries of Origin:


☾ Sacred Cocoa ☀


We are awaiting the reopening of the Trade between England and France

(closed since the Brexit of January 1st) to restock our precious cocoa treasures.

We would also like to share with you soon many qualities of Ceremonial Cacao

From very small productions, very high quality! Case to follow;)

Certified organic

Quick Description

Cocoa when Raw is a wonderful seed, underestimated nowadays.

It is the carrier of Sensitivity, Joy of Living and Well-Being.

It powerfully opens the Heart and guides us towards the discovery of Intimacy, towards oneself and towards others.

Main Effects

Flexibility of the Mind, Clarity & Awakening of the Senses, Well-being, Memory & Concentration, Vitality,

Tantra, Balance  Emotional  & Psychic, Confidence, Motivation & Courage


Conso Mode '

2 to 20g (or more) of powder

  in a very gentle infusion:

Place in lukewarm water / milk, never more than 40 °.

The Seeds & Shards are to be nibbled at will!

Preparation tips :

  Melt the Butter or the Cocoa Paste in a double boiler. Add the desired ingredients (cocoa powder, carob , maca, sugar, vanilla, pieces of fruit or nuts, marzipan / hazelnut / sesame ..., coconut oil, honey, seeds, spices ...)

At this stage, 2 possibilities:

- Add vegetable milk or water to have a fabulous hot chocolate (or rather lukewarm).

- Pour into molds, on a baking sheet or in a pot then put in the fridge for a while to have a spread or a homemade chocolate bar!

Many recipes are available on the net;)


New: Sacred Cocoa in all its forms!

100% Organic, Raw, at the height of its abilities.

All at the most affordable price possible :)


  With more than 200 components beneficial to health, cocoa is aptly named "Food of the Gods".


  In its industrial form and even in organic stores, Cocoa is cooked and has lost a large part of its properties ... so much so that we are far from suspecting the beneficence and magic that True Cocoa conceals.

  That is why Ubulawu is happy to honor this sacred herb.

  The Cocoa Ceremony: In many tribes the taking of Cocoa is ritualized. Participants consume between 30 and 40g of Cocoa each, or more. A Drink is prepared from Cocoa Powder or Cocoa Paste, to which were added a few ingredients that are still secret today, most likely including Chilli, Black Pepper, Nutmeg, Crushed Almonds ...

  (It seems that Tagetes Lucida -> is also one of these ingredients, offering a special synergy to the Cocoa - and an incredible taste!)

  Considered a gift from the Gods, the Mayans consumed cocoa for its therapeutic and divinatory virtues, especially during religious ceremonies during which the beans could be offered as an offering.


  Cocoa is a treasure rich in a thousand secrets. Only raw cocoa still contains all its virtues. To keep them during consumption, it must be preserved from an excessively high heating temperature, which is why it should be added to a preparation only when it is lukewarm (<40 °).

  Cocoa opens the heart & activates the feeling of empathy.

Its effects vary greatly depending on the amount consumed. To discover the secrets of cocoa, it may be interesting to try it in high doses (more than 10g).

Cocoa is always healthy & safe regardless of the amount used.  

    Sensuality & Sensoriality often accompanies the taking of Cacao.

   Bearer of Euphoria, Inner Heat, Courage & Confidence ...

  Cocoa can transport us to the depths of the Self and the Other,


Together, Cocoa is a key to fusion, harmony & intimacy ...

  The Cocoa offered by Ubulawu is composed of 75% Criollo beans & 25% Trinitario & Forastero. Criollo-type cocoa is rare because it is a fragile species, but it offers the finest and most aromatic cocoas. It represents less than 10% of world production.

  In addition to magnesium, iron and vitamin C, cocoa contains theobromine which has a lasting stimulating effect, acts positively on mood and makes you slightly euphoric.

  - This compound is also lipolytic (burns fat). Without the excessive addition of sugar, Cocoa can therefore be eaten at will as a superfood.

  - Cocoa is also one of the richest sources of anti-oxidants such as flavanol. Flavanols help maintain good memory and ability to concentrate by promoting cerebral blood flow.

- They also lower "bad cholesterol", help reduce the risk of blood clots forming and improve the elasticity of blood vessels.

- Anandamine, a molecule providing a feeling of happiness, is also present in cocoa.

  Little info on raw cocoa paste, butter, powder ...

  The Cocoa mass is obtained by crushing the cocoa beans until a liquid is obtained. This liquid solidifies quickly at room temperature and the result is cocoa mass. If no strong heat is used during the process then the cocoa mass remains raw and retains all of its natural properties. The pieces of cocoa paste can be grinded for ease of use.

  Cocoa mass is naturally made from around 55% cocoa butter and is perfect for making any chocolate recipe.

  Raw cocoa powder is made by applying a cold pressing process to the cocoa beans so most of the fat (cocoa butter) is removed. Once the fat is separated, the cocoa powder can dissolve into a liquid. Ideal for smoothies, hot or cold drinks ... On the other hand, to prepare chocolate treats, it is better to use cocoa paste or butter.

  Raw cocoa butter is therefore the result of cold pressing the cocoa beans to separate the fat from the powder.

  Cocoa can be used in drink, smoothie, in cakes and pastry, to make spreads, chocolate bars, etc ...

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Share your feelings :)

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