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☾  The Guides ☀

Here is the list of Guides available to help you:

By reading these Guides, you will be able to find your Grass &  extract 100% of its potential ...

Simple adjustments in the way we use Herbs can easily increase their powers tenfold.

This Symbol indicates that a Grass can be smoked.  

      All of our herbs can be drunk as a tea.

  'Help me find a Grass!'

      ~> "Invitations to discover ..."

     ~> Search by Effects

   ~> Search by Consumption Mode

     ~> Intuition & Felt (soon)

       ~> The Herbs Totems (soon)

 'How is it used?'

    ~> General Information

     ~> Infusion, Decoction, Maceration

      ~> Shamanic Way: Sacred Use

    ~> Cures & Micro-dosages (soon)

   ~> Blends & Synergies (soon)

And if that's not enough ...:

Self-Help Community

This Community allows:

   ~> To get a quick answer for any question about a plant,

    ~> To share his Discoveries, Recipes, Synergies, Cures, Experiments ...

    ~> To propose Ideas to Ubulawu (a Grass to share?  an idea to make the site more complete, more efficient?)

    ~> To express  opinions, satisfaction or dissatisfaction ...

All  perhaps constructive remark  !

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