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Toning Herbs



(Asparagus Racemosus)

Quick Description

Millennial herb, Yin queen of Asian medicines, Shatavari soothes, revitalizes, lightens & flexibilizes the Spirit ...

Main Effects

Balance  Emotional  & Psychic, Revitalization, Awakening of the Senses, Flexibility of the Spirit, Innovative dreams, Clarity, Joie de Vivre ...

Conso Mode '

  4g in decoction,

in daily consumption.

  Ubulawu is happy to present this new treasure to you:  

Shatavari (from its Indian name), also called "Tian Men Dong" in China, "Wild Asparagus", but also "Heavenly Spirit Herb" (the Heavenly Spirit Herb) and "The Flying Herb" (the Flying Grass') in reference to his powers over the Dream ...


  The Shatavari is  an Asian species of Wild Asparagus. These are its Aspèrges (the roots of the plant) which have been used for millennia and considered as major plants of 2 great ancestral medicines  :  Ayurveda (India) & Medicine  Chinese.

  It is called Adaptogen, able to adapt to the needs of the organism &  to balance it as a whole.


  For thousands of years, this plant has been cherished by monks, shamans & yogis for its ability to open the heart and fill it with energy.  It dissolves  the apparent Duality to create harmony & unity within Being. It thus brings a great open-mindedness (or "Flexibility")  which is felt during dreams, lightens the consciousness and allows it to "Fly" in  universes that she could not have imagined, universes generally imbued with a sweet and wonderful note.

  The Taoists and certain Asian spiritual schools, who consider the Dream as an important source of evolution  personal, praised the oneirogenic properties of these roots.


  Of nature "Sattwique" (in Ayurveda) Shatavari is pure & harmonious, it is known to appease the spirit. She is like that  considered as a natural antidepressant and general tonic for sexual energy (Women & Men). In general, 5 to 6g of roots are  porridge  about twenty minutes in the water to be drunk throughout the day. The roots are often used several times in order to extract all the active compounds.   


  Shatavari is a regenerating plant that refreshes the body and nourishes the tissues.  It supports the immune system & helps digestion, both physical and mental. It brings with it Strength, Vitality & Vigor.


  It is said that it brings Wisdom, due to its ability to tone the respiratory tract,  these ways being carriers of Wisdom in Ayurvedic & Chinese medicine. When we breathe  correctly,  it is possible to handle any situation with great peace of mind.  Shatavari brings with it this deep peace and this ability to  truly "breathe". According to the Chinese, it would help extract from the air (intimately linked to "Qi" or "Chi", the vital energy) the "Heaven Qi" or the energy  that is most beneficial to us.


  The acquisition of this plant marks the opening of the page  "Sacred Feminine" on Ubulawu :)

  This plant deeply nourishes the "Yin", the feminine part  of the different energetic bodies of the organism.

  It is used in India & China  for thousands of years by all generations of women, from the young girl, to the mother &  the great mother, as a rejuvenating tonic for the feminine system.

  It soothes and brings repair to  menstrual pain,  various menstrual imbalances and during  menopause. It balances hormonal secretions &  also contributes, in the long term, to beautify the skin by making it "breathe".

In China, she is called "Tian Men Dong" which literally means "the one who has 1000 husbands", meaning that the Woman consuming her would have the reproductive capacities to have 1000 husbands!  It also encourages the secretion of breast milk, a property that has greatly contributed  to make this plant famous for  the world.


This plant is not, however, reserved for Women, it is considered a general tonic and aphrodisiac for Men as well.


This product  is not intended for self-medication.



India & China




Ayurveda & Chinese Medicine

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