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Stimulating Herbs



(Paullinia Cupana)

Quick Description

Guarana is more than an energizing caffeinated seed.

By optimizing brain functions, it develops clarity & sensitivity to our environment.

"Presence has the capacity to integrate the moment."

Main Effects

Immediate energy, Concentration, Clarity, Awakening of the senses, Brain Booster, Self-confidence, Well-being

Conso Mode '

  4g in decoction,

Can also be consumed directly in cold water.

New Guarana powder of excellent quality, certified organic, quality controlled in French laboratory, imported from small rural communities of Brazil specialized in the culture of these fantastic seeds since.

La Guarana, whose original name is "Warana" which means "essence of reason"  comes from Amazonia where it was used for its energizing virtues and many medicinal virtues.


Guarana is a very rich plant that contains guaranine, the main active substance. Scientifically, guaranine has the same chemical compositions as caffeine. Its effects are 4-7 times stronger than caffeine, without the side effects of black coffee.


Guarana also contains a large amount of tannins, vitamins (A; E; B1; B3; PP), minerals (calcium; magnesium; iron; potassium; phosphorus) some trace elements (selenium; stronitum) as well as acids. amines.


The main effect of Guarana is to keep the body awake and alert, promotes concentration, presence of mind and reduces stress and anxieties.


Folkores, Symbolisms & Traditions:

The Indians consumed Guarana to increase their endurance and thus be able to hunt all day long, but also to increase their presence and the feeling of their environment. The Guarana allowed them a perfect connection with the forest, the plants and the animals. It has always been considered by the natives as a seed of high spirituality, wonderful & sacred.

This product  is not intended for self-medication.

Native country :


Ethnicity of origin:

Sateré Mawé

Culture 100%


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