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Ethnicities of Origin

Inuits, Vikings, Peoples of Northern Europe,  Siberian,

Tibet, Mongolia ...


Rhodiola Rosea

Countries of Origin

Alaska, Europe, Siberia

Central Asia - Mongolia, Tibet, Nepal ...

Sagan Dale
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♦ Adaptogen ♦ 

Dried roots


Discovery of the Golden Root

  Rhodiola Rosea


A word from Ubulawu:  We are happy to have found this Rhodiola of excellent quality. A new treasure with aromas  delicate & delicious, whose powers are so  many that it takes a book to tell them.

Discover this key to happiness, adaptation  and regeneration :)

Article greatly inspired by the very good  site

Mr. Ginseng -> & a very complete book dedicated to Rhodiola, -> available  here for free ->

Rhodiola, the root of Gold, is a plant of all extremes. She loves the most intense climates,

From the heights of the Altai Mountains to the plains of the far north of Alaska to Siberia, growing in the heart  the most penetrating cold  but also exposed more than ever to the powerful solar radiations. It is the source of incredible legends ( to be discovered on p.37 of the book ) .

  Rhodiola Rosea has a long history of use as a medicinal plant in Iceland, Sweden, Norway, France, Russia, Tibet, Mongolia,  and in Greece. Rhodiola Rosea is mentioned by the Greek physician Dioscorides from the first century of our era. It was considered a sacred plant by the Vikings, as well as by various peoples of the polar regions including the Inuit, Eskimos and Lapps who still consume it daily to face particularly harsh and cold climates.

  The Vikings considered rhodiola a legendary plant sacred to the Gods, very effective in increasing their strength, physical endurance, confidence in combat, and endurance on long journeys.

In the Republic of Altai (Mountains of Ors) where its endemic abundance is exceptional, the Golden Root has always been venerated. There, a saying goes that whoever goes in search of the golden root will live for 2 centuries, with great luck and in good health. It is also said that whoever drinks Rhodiola Rosea tea regularly will live for more than a hundred years. In Sweden, it is said that the Vikings made great use of it to increase their physical strength and endurance, while the Chinese Emperors launched numerous expeditions to Siberia to benefit from this treasure. In Ancient Greece, Rhodiola would have been generated by the blood of Prometheus, the Titan who brought us the Sacred Fire ...


≈  3g in a mild decoction  (20min) or 10g in a long infusion, covered (30min), t...

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Main Effects

Memory, Quickness of mind,  

Reduces tensions,

Powerful stimulant & mood regulator, Resistance to difficult situations,

Weaning & Detox  

Acts in depth:


Powerful Repairer

Nervous Balance


Recovery after exercise, Fatigue and depression Chronic or transient

Protects against toxins and

increases resistance

Associated Treasures

   In its Medicinal History, Rhodiola Rosea has been used for strength and to cure many ailments for millennia. The plant is now considered one of the most powerful Adaptogens, natural anti-depressant and anti-stress, overall restorative of the body,  of the spirit and our  natural cycles.

​  Joy of Living & Motivation

  By acting on several neurotransmitters and on the production of a large number of hormones including serotonin and dopamine, Rhodiola brings great joy to the heart to anyone who takes it regularly. Rhodiola Rosea is thus very effective in the fight against chronic depression and stress. Long cures of several weeks would cure any type of  depression, anxiety, stress and chronic insomnia.

​  Energy Revitalization & Distribution

  The Rosavine contained in Rhodiola acts in depth to nourish the various endocrine glands. Its action on the adrenal glands is remarkable, whose role is among other things to redistribute energy, regulate mood, appetite, intestinal transit and sleep. In this sense, it revitalizes and allows better energy circulation throughout the body, and a better adaptation of the organism.


​  Vivacity, Clarity, Higher Consciousness

  When taken as a cure, Rhodiola considerably improves concentration, memory, alertness, cognitive abilities, it is one of the major uses of Rhodiola root which strengthens the entire system. nervous with great efficiency. Rhodiola Rosea also has the reputation of raising awareness, and making the cerebral circulation much clearer, which allows an increase in the capacity for learning and better clarity of mind.

​  Healer of the Night

  Rhodiola has proven itself as a night healer, allowing optimal energy recovery during the night, and faster falling asleep. Rhodiola increases the joy of living and helps the body to relax, thus effectively fighting against insomnia.

​  Fullness &  Serenity

   Rhodiola  has been shown to be very effective in the fight against chronic stress, thanks to its general adaptogenic action, associated with an increase in vitality  : Rhodiola deeply revitalizes the organism, but does not stimulate unnecessarily, something that very few plants are able to provide to humans. Its action on recovery and sleep is directly linked to its effects on stress and anxiety.

  Endurance  & Performance

  People taking Rhodiola regularly have seen improvement in physical and athletic performance, with Rhodiola increasing energy throughout the body. Many athletes use it (in synergy with other adaptogenic plants) for its ability to improve endurance and shorten recovery time after exercise.   

  It has been proven that Rhodiola Rosea increases the oxygen level in the blood by 30%, after more than 6 weeks of use, the more a cell is oxygenated, the more it is able to work for a long time and efficiently.


  Purification, Detoxification, Weaning

  Finally, Rhodiola Rosea cleanses the body in depth, by purifying the blood and lymph, and by removing obstructions, it thus allows a better circulation of energy, and reduces addictions. For this purpose, it is used more recently to promote healthy diets, while helping to fight feelings of withdrawal. The plant also helps to cope with periods of lack of food, but also the feeling of lack more general, whether for a substance, a person or an activity.

  It is an excellent plant to take after a breakup in love, an emotional shock or the death of a loved one, Rhodiola allowing to gradually restore the joy of life and beauty to the heart.

  Love &  Fertility

  Regarding fertility and fertility, it is customary in Russia to give a bouquet of Rhodiola Rosea to young brides. Rhodiola in its purifying action, improves sexual function, increases fertility and fertility, decreases the problems of premature ejaculation, frigidity and impotence, this by cleaning the reproductive system in men and women. Its powerful adaptogenic principles make it slightly aphrodisiac especially for women, this phenomenon on libido is more or less marked depending on the person. Rhodiola participates effectively in purifying the reproductive system and increases sexual desire.


Other Benefits

The plant acts on all cardiac disorders, in particular heart problems, hypertension, palpitations and arterial tension, in particular in connection with stress and anxiety  : Rhodiola plays a regulating role of the heart rate. Rhodiola root also acts on several organs including the liver, kidneys, thymus, ovaries, testes and helps reduce bad fats, edema and excess sugar.

Rhodiola, like many adaptogenic plants, very effectively stimulates the immune system.


This product  is not intended for self-medication.

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