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Bala ~ Mauve des Sables

(Sida Cordifolia)

Quick Description

Bala is a herb with rare and precious properties,

She is a carrier of Strength & Courage.

Discover its thousand powers!

Main Effects

Revitalizing Toner,

Strengthens the Heart,

Physical Strength & Endurance,

Courage & Motivation,


Balances the Nervous System,

Anti-Stress, Aphrodisiac

Mode de Conso '


≈ 0.3g as an infusion, or just diluted in water.

Can also be melted under the tongue.

New :) Bala x100 resin!

La Bala contains a molecule cousin of Ephedrine,

Do not adopt risky behavior when it is discovered!

(see the usual precautions below)

Bala is a Sanskrit word which means "Young", "Strength", "Power" & "Energy".

"Bala is omnipotence, the complete absence of fatigue, and the power to manifest and support all things."

  Bala is one of the rare herbs considered to be "Rasayana" (see also: Sacred Basil, Gotu Kola , Ashwagandha , Shatavari ).

Rasayanas (literally "Essence Circulation") are adaptogenic herbs that regenerate the whole organism.

  The sand mallow (from its French name) is one of the oldest medicinal plants in the Indian subcontinent. All traditional medicines use it.

In Ayurveda, Bala is said to contain five of the six tastes, a rare property indicating that he alone is capable of nourishing the 5 elements or Mah abhutas

(earth, water, fire, air and space).

Bala is associated with Parvathi, the Hindu Goddess of Beauty and Grace. The herb is part of the royal trio of "beautifying" herbs, the feminine essence embodied in plants, with Ashoka and Shatavari -> .

Mauve des Sables contains a molecule cousin to Ephedrine (see below) and many antioxidant (anti-aging), anti-inflammatory and anti-stress properties.

It is a powerful regenerative and stimulating plant, it brings courage, motivation and self-confidence.

Bala, like all adaptogenic herbs, is rich in many incredible properties:

- Tonic of immunity promoting longevity and rejuvenation.

- Excellent cardiac tonic, supports and strengthens the heart.

- Positive action on the nervous system, often used as anti-stress, against nervous disorders and memory loss.
- Known as an "beautifying" remedy,

improving the complexion and tone of the skin.

- Used as a digestive stimulant and to help the body burn excess fat.

- Improves fertility, regulates various sexual disorders such as precocity.

- Analgesic and Pain Relief
- Anti-inflammatory and detoxifying of the respiratory system

- And much more ...: Treats joint pain, painful bones, rum, cough, fever, flu, nerve pain ...

A word about Ephedrine:

Bala does not, strictly speaking, contain Ephedrine, a molecule now considered illegal in France. However, it has been reported that this plant acts in the same way on the system via very similar active ingredients.

Ephedrine stimulates the sympathetic nervous system .

It is used to improve physical or mental efficiency. It increases aggressiveness and makes it possible to reduce the fatigue threshold.

It potentiates the action of adrenaline .

As a central nervous system stimulant, ephedrine acts primarily as a potent vasopressor that causes a marked rise in blood pressure by stimulating the heart muscle and increasing its frequency.

Usage Precautions:

- Do not adopt risky behaviors,

- Do not consume Caffeine at the same time,

- Do not use in case of hyper-tension,

- Do not use in case of severe depression.

In case of significant health problems, this herb should not be used without the advice of a health professional.

This product is not intended for self-medication

Native country :

India, Africa, Brazil, Australia



Certified organic

No product


concentrated x100




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