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Ethnicities of Origin

Amazon tribes

Maconha Brava

Zornia Latifolia

Countries of Origin


Sagan Dale
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♦ Relax plant  ♦ 


Discovery of

Maconha Brava

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Maconha Brava is a treasure trove of relaxation, calm and euphoria, often compared to canna ', but sweeter :)

Just like the "Baybean" and the "Marihuanilla", It would be mainly used in mixture, like plant "combo '" to amplify the effects of other plants.


  0.1g as an infusion, or diluted in cold water. Can also be placed under the tongue (half a grain of rice).

There is an ethnobotanical use in the jungles of Peru and Brazil, as well as the Pima of northern Mexico where the leaves and buds are traditionally used as a relaxant promoting sleep.

The vernacular name Maconha Brava means "False Marijuana", the dried leaves and flower buds are used as a substitute for Cannabis by the Indians of Brazil, without causing a state of drunkenness. Zornia latifolia is mentioned by Albert Hofmann and RE Schultes in 1992 as a plant of the gods

Main Effects





Full description to come

This product  is not intended for self-medication.

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