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☾ Guide to Dream Herbs ☀

 ~> What are Dream Herbs?

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Dream Plants are the plant wonders that inspired this project.

There is a great diversity,

They were used by the Incas, the Mayas, the Zulus,  the Hopis of Malaysia, the Quechuas, the Hottentots of Mexico & many others ...

Each of these tribes & civilizations recognized the importance of the Dream in the development of Human potential & the maintenance of its Well-Being.

They saw it as a way to remember Who we are & What we are for Here on Earth ...


     Dream Plants gradually awaken the Memory of Dreams,

      They offer Dreams rich in meaning, diversified, spectacular ...

     They teach Lucidity,

   Allowing those who wish to become Lucid Dreamers,

  To become Masters of the Dream ...

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C'est Quoi les Herbes à Rêves ?
Comment ça s'utilise ?

-> How is it used?


Article coming soon ...


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