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Dream Herbs

Silene Capensis

Undlela Ziimlophe

Silene capensis

Quick Description

The Ubulawu are the master Dream Herbs that gave birth to this project. Awake  asleep, day after night, they have the power to awaken the Lucid Dreamer who is in us ...

Main Effects

Dream Memories, Intense & Spectacular Dreams, Innovative Dreams, Lucid Dreams, Flexibility of Mind, Relaxation & Balance  Body & Mind, Finding Sleep ...

Conso Mode '

3g / day in decoction over 3 to 7 days

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Ubulawu family

Magic Note: The flowers of Silene Capensis only bloom at night, in moonlight!

The Silene Capensis is considered by the Xhosa healers of South Africa to be a sacred pante. 

They call this plant "Undlela Zimhlope" which literally translates to "white path", a way to induce prophetic dreams and communicate with the spirit world. 

A Xhosa myth describes in detail the experience of those who have to walk the "white path" (Undlela Zimhlope) to become diviners. The initiation rites involve drinking a frothy brew made from the roots of the plant, which enables initiates to travel to the dreamy kingdom "under the river". Silene Capensis can also be smoked or infused.

There is little information available on the pharmacology of Silene Capensis. It is suspected that its dreamlike effect is due to the triterpenoid saponins contained in its roots. A small amount of the root (250 mg) is shown to be active, but this exerts minimal changes on the awakened consciousness, yet the effects on the dreaming state are profound.

Xhosa healers use the roots of this plant to induce prophetic dreams and to communicate with spirits. This allows them to help people in their tribe with physical or mental illnesses. Note that diviners are most often women.

Traditional use: in the Xhosa tradition, the roots are powdered and ingested in the morning, about 1 to 2 grams upon waking, while the stomach is still empty. The subject then lies down in the dark. If the ceremony is planned for the evening, a larger amount (about 2g) is mixed with half a liter of water until a foam forms. This foam is then drunk by the Amagqirha who will remember in detail particularly colorful dreams.


To discover the secrets, some users prefer to drink a decoction of 0.25 to 2g of roots  (these being boiled in water for about twenty minutes), every evening and / or every morning for 3 to 7 days, using one or more different Ubulawus roots. Depending on the dosages used, the number of consecutive days and the intensity of  sacred and intimate connection that is established with the spirit of the roots thus consumed, the dreamlike experience unfolds  gradually, from day to day, sometimes starting only a few days after the last  use and can therefore last for weeks.


According to the Zulus, if the communion with the spirit of the Ubulawu is sufficient  important, a small amount consumed the 3  evenings of a full moon must be enough to open the doors of the dream for a whole life ...

  New Plant Partnership   

Do you dream of growing this wonderful treasure yourself?

To have a living one at home?

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This product  is not intended for self-medication.

Native country :

South Africa

Ethnicities of origin:

Xhosa & Zulu

Culture 100%


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