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Ethnicities of Origin

Amazon tribes

Cat's claw

Uncaria tomentosa

Countries of Origin


Sagan Dale

Discovery of the

Cat's claw

 "  Cat's Claw is an exceptional adaptogenic plant used throughout the Amazon, discover its full description soon!


Sometimes we feel the need to cleanse ourselves, to renew ourselves, to "get off on the right foot". We then set out in search of perfect allies for our saving questioning. Cat's claw could well play a major role in this new dynamic and this need for health.


  5 to 10g in decoction: simmer for 15 to 30min in 1l of water. Reuse several times.

Daily use advised, cure of 2 to 12 weeks for a work more and more complete and in depth.

Nicknamed “the vine which gives life” by the healers of South America and, acclaimed for millennia by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon, “The liana of Peru”, has crossed the generations until meeting us, bearer of 'a quality response to our current shortcomings.


A true panacea for the ancients, this plant of Immunity as fascinating as it is effective is full of virtues.


Acting on a broad spectrum of our vital functions, its adaptogenic character will be able to target the exact needs of our organism.


The time for the big clean has come for those who consume cat's claw since one of its greatest missions is to purify us in depth of excess waste such as toxins and heavy metals that we ingest without our knowledge.


A real detox agent, the plant will be able to perfectly detect foreign bodies and cleanse us of all that pollutes us. Healthier, we cultivate the daily desire to take care of ourselves!


The marvelous liana is also the guardian of our immune system and the protector of our cells.

Its properties optimize the resistance of our organism to viral and bacterial attacks.

It stimulates and strengthens our defenses for a general condition naturally more valiant and toned.

It gives us that confidence in our potential for strength when we come into contact with the world.

Maybe even optimism can visit us!


Elixir of youth, this jewel of nature holds the power of a real makeover

Being one of the most powerful natural antioxidants, cat's claw is able to target the agents responsible for the aging of our cells and to deal with them as a very effective anti-aging active.

We can count on its active ingredients to offer our skin a saving and regenerating bath!

Anti-inflammatory, healing, it also knows how to extinguish our internal fires and closes open wounds.


Going a little further with Cat's Claw will certainly give us the opportunity to spot many other subtle or obvious improvements.


The works of cat's claw, all geared towards better health and improved tone, are part of us, improving day after day our feeling of general well-being.


Less vulnerable and more confident, it seems that we can once again enter a virtuous circle that makes life an exciting adventure rather than a permanent endeavor.


Contraindications: As the actions of cat's claw are specific to driving out intruders from our body, we will easily understand that its use is not recommended for transplant recipients. Used as a natural contraceptive by many peoples, the plant will keep away from pregnant women and its particularly powerful effectiveness will not be suitable for nursing women.

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This product  is not intended for self-medication.

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