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Stimulating Herbs



(Ilex Guayusa)

We've been waiting for it for a while ...

Here is finally some Guayusa paste x30

(30g of guayusa leaves used to create 1g of resin)

This powerful stimulant finally at your fingertips :)

The resin allows an express & diversified use of this wonderful herb: to smoke, to melt under the tongue (be careful, it is strong!), To dilute in water or to infuse!

  'Discovered by the Quechuas of Ecuador, the   Guayusa is closely related to dreams and spirituality.

  According to legend, the tribe  prayed for a plant that would teach him to dream. His prayers were answered when Quechua twins had a vision. One night, They woke up and saw stairs leading to heaven. At the top of the stairs, their ancestors introduced them to the Guayusa, a plant that would help their people enter the world of dreams. Generations later, this plant is a fundamental aspect of Quechua culture.


   Revered as one of South America's super plants, Guayusa is said to have many powers. Often referred to as the "night watchman", the plant is renowned for its ability to keep alert and wide awake. It is also said that if a woman rubs the leaves of Guayusa before making tea with it, the man who drinks the infusion will fall in love with her.


  Guayusa leaves have the highest caffeine content of any known plant , and are boiled (15 / 20min)  to produce tea; due to the high caffeine content, the same leaves are often used multiple times, sometimes for several days.


Guayusa makes you more alert and keeps awake for a long time without the "boost" effects of other energizing herbs.  

In addition to the stimulating effects, the tea is used to induce dreamy sleep as well as lucid dreams; it is traditionally drunk early in the morning, just after waking up, and before sunrise. For many indigenous Ecuadorians, drinking Guayusa in the morning is a social ritual.


Guayusa is the plant containing the highest level of caffeine (around 7%). It also contains theobromine, which has a long-lasting stimulating effect, acts positively on mood and makes you slightly euphoric. This compound is also lipolytic (burns fat). L-theanine, an analogue of glutamic acid found in green tea known to reduce physical and mental stress is also part of the composition of Guayusa.

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This product  is not intended for self-medication

Native country :


Ethnicity of origin:

Quechua Indians

Certified organic



Finely cut


Quick Description

Guayusa is a plant  exceptional. Much more powerful than coffee & guarana, it offers long-lasting energy & great lucidity day and night ....

Main Effects

Immediate & Long-lasting Energy,  Awakening of the Senses, Well-being,  Concentration,  

Clarity, Joy of Living, Lucid Dreams, Memory of Dreams, Aphrodisiac & Sensory

Conso Mode '

Leaves to crumble.

Sheets :

  4g in decoction (simmer 10 to 30min)


≈ half a grain of rice to eat or dilute. Increase the dose if necessary.

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