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Stimulating Herbs

Noix de Cola

Kola nut

(Cola Nitida)

New Cola Nut extract x10

(10g of Cola seeds used

to create 1g of concentrated extract).


Kola nut has been used in Africa for thousands of years. Chewed, the fresh walnut allows Africans to limit fatigue during long walks or hunts, but also acts as an aphrodisiac.


Kola nut is about 2.5% caffeine, a powerful intellectual stimulant. The cocktail made up of kolatin (the active principle contained in Kola nut) and caffeine can considerably increase alertness and concentration and fight against sleep.


Kola nut also has an appetite suppressant action, helps  to treat depression and digestive disorders, and works  as a powerful anti-inflammatory.


Few know it, but the most famous drink in the world, Coca-Cola was originally made from Kola nuts, Coca leaves and wine! (which is far from always being the case, of course).


Our Cola Nut extract (of Jamaican origin) is composed of approximately 11% Caffeine.

This product  is not intended for self-medication.

Native country :

Ivory Coast & Jamaica

Ethnicity of origin:

Many African Tribes

Dried Seeds

Extract x10

In powder

Amount :

No product

No product

Quick Description

Cola is an overlooked nut. Enthusiastic, she  brings energy, endurance & concentration while in a good mood

Main Effects

Immediate Energy, Brain Booster, Concentration, Clarity, Well-being, Joy of Living

Conso Mode '

4g in decoction. Cola can also be drunk directly in cold water.

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