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Relaxing Herbs

Lotus Bleu

Blue Lily ~ Purple Lily  - Red Lily - White Lily

(Nymphaea Caerulea  - Pubescens - Rubra - Ampla )

Quick Description

Sensual & delicate, the fleur-de-lis sublimates everything.

Passionate, its sumptuous emanation soothes as much as it awakens.  

She has the gift of mixing Joy with the Refinement of the Senses ...

Main Effects

Spiritual awakening, elevation of the spirit, creativity, Sensuality, Body & Spirit relaxation, Awakening of the senses, Tantra, Well-being, Emotional balance, Clarity, Finding sleep, Innovative dreams, Lucid dreams, Curing nightmares ...


Conso Mode '

Flowers & Resin.

Dry the resin if necessary.

  0.5g of flowers,

0.2 to 1g of resins or extracts depending on your sensitivity

New: White Lily & Red Lily in Bloom,

Powdered Blue Lily extract x100.


Ubulawu is happy to offer you a beautiful collection of this fabulous plant widely known as "Lotus", although it is Aquatic Lily ...  

Blooming in water like the Lotus, the Aquatic Lilies are the sacred flowers of Egypt, symbol of the royalty of the soul, great flower of the Pharaohs ...

The most famous is undoubtedly the "Blue Lotus" or "Blue Lily", Ubulawu invites you to discover all the shades of the Water Lily: Blue Lily, Red Lily, Purple Lily, White Lily, each with their own Essence , it's up to you to discover which one makes you vibrate the most :)

Our lilies are available pure, sometimes in resins or powdered extracts.  



Violet Lily, Red Lily, Blue Lily, White Lily ... curious nuances that resonate in a unique way in each ...

We rename our old Red Lily: Violet Lily because it is in fact the species Nymphaea Pubescens, and we have just sourced the precious Nymphaea Rubra, the real Red Lily.  

The lotus or Lily was the most sacred plant in ancient Egypt. The flowers were known for their delicious scent, suggestive of the sweat of Ra, sun god.


"A divine essence, to bring euphoria, sensitivity and tranquility".


  The Egyptians used this plant both for its healing qualities (among others, practitioners used this flower to stimulate blood circulation, and as an anti-aging), aphrodisiac, and sometimes recreational, although it is a hotly debated subject.


  Some reports indicate that they used it as a visionary plant, and that they used to smoke the flowers or drink a wine infused with them to induce a particular state of consciousness.

(for the little recipe, a handful of flowers was placed in a bottle of red wine for about 48 hours).


  The water lily is related with the expansion of the higher Spirit. It helps the spirit beyond the body and assists it on its path to its highest potential in the world of the Spirit.

  The water lily would also have important affinities with the state of consciousness of the dream, it frees the mind from its conditioning to allow it to form deeper dreams, while brightening them up and making them light.

  This delicate flower would therefore have a considerable influence although sometimes subtle in appearance on dream worlds.


  It offers one of the highest vibrations among all flowers.


The Lotus acts as a "booster" of the plants which are associated with it, by intensifying and spiritualizing their effects.

It is a flower with "Universal Synergy",

sometimes called "Potentiator".

  Since the dawn of time, men have been depicted sniffing lotus flowers.


In the days when the senses were not polluted in various ways, humans were highly more sensitive to the emanations of odors and more inclined to succumb to sensory ecstasy.

  When an Egyptian put his nose in a lotus flower and sniffed it for a while, the effects on his organism were considerable, and the scent alone could be enough for him to reach altered states of consciousness.


Much like the sacred lotus (Nelumbo nucifera), the water lily contains nuciferin and aporphine, acting as a mild sedative and as an antispasmodic.

It is known to induce a feeling of euphoria and relaxation, and a natural sleep aid.


It is also used as a natural aphrodisiac for both men and women; and is used for general good health.


Lotus flowers have many virtues: they have the property of relieving headaches; stop bleeding from the nasal passages; relieve colds; cough suppressant; anti-diarrheal; lower the level of lipids in the blood; detoxify the blood and strengthen the immune system.

Lotus stamens contain flavonoids that fight free radicals responsible for aging skin.

The rhizomes of the lotus are rich in vitamins B6, fiber and phosphorus.

Nymphaea species contain bioflavonoids which act on GABA receptors , which inhibit and calm the nervous system. They are relaxing and intoxicating especially in combination with alcohol. These properties were known and used by the Egyptians as well as the Mayans.

Nelumbo species contain apomorphine-like alkaloids in flowers which act on dopamine receptors , and a number of other alkaloids whose effects vary from anxiolytic to stimulation. These properties are used throughout Asia.

Lily or Lotus?

Water lilies are from the water lily family, the Nymphaeace.

The Lotuses are "Nelumbo".

This product  is not intended for self-medication.

Native country :

Ancient Egypt

Culture 100%


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