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☾ Let's take care of ourselves ... ☀

 ~> Cautionary advice


"In case of problem, discomfort or even illness, first consult a doctor or a professional  health in order to properly assess your state of health.

Ubulawu Herbs are not there to cure illnesses but to improve your daily life.

They are not intended for self-medication & should in no case replace

a Healthy & Balanced lifestyle. "

  - If you have fragile health (body and / or mental and / or emotional state): It is important to reduce the recommended dosages & to go gently to discover new herbs (one by one, with regular breaks )

Do you have any remarks?

Contact us or write them on the self-help group !

Conseils de Prudence
Au Secours ! Effets Secondaires !

-> Help! Side effects !

   The Herbs we offer are safe.

  However, there are always situations where  side effects may appear, usually due to an association with an unbalanced lifestyle, a delicate psychic or emotional situation, the taking of drugs or medication, an overdose, etc ...

  - The Herbs we offer are  used by thousands of consumers around the world & known for thousands of years in many ancestral medicines.

  Side effects should never exceed a simple headache, stomach ache, mild disorientation, or other mild symptoms.  

  ~> If more important side effects occur,

Please contact us so that we can warn users of the potential risk,

certainly linked to a specific interaction that you will be able to entrust to us. <~

What to do in case of side effects?

  The Human Body is particularly good at making us understand when something is wrong. If he is dissatisfied with what we give him, he lets us know by showing symptoms  "troublesome".

  If any of the Herbs you use causes unpleasant effects, here is  some tips to prevent this from happening again  :

  - Obviously, reduce the doses during your next use.  

  - You can also increase the amount of water or consume your preparation more spread throughout the day.

  - If it was a mixture, maybe it is a synergy that does not work for you. Try a different one!

  - Sometimes it's just a matter of "taking a break" for one or more days. When you consume an herb repeatedly over several days it is always a good idea to take regular breaks.  

  - During repeated consumption over several weeks, of one or more different herbs, it may be good to take a real break of at least a week without consuming any Herb. The organization likes to find its own authenticity from time to time.

Do you have any Suggestions?

Contact us or share them on the self-help group !

Thank you :)

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