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Ethnicities of Origin

Amazon tribes

Ajo Sacha

Mansoa Alliacea

Countries of Origin


Sagan Dale

Discovery of the Ajo Sacha

 << Ajo Sacha Oh Ajo Sacha  ! You who 'opens the way' for us

Honor your legendary powers <3 >>

The Ajo Sacha in Resin is back, very practical for a quick use of this treasure of health, a real delight!

The Vine is still recommended to benefit from a maximum of properties and flavors, Use about 5g to simmer for 20min to make a wonderful potion :)


  5g in decoction (simmer 20 minutes)

Daily use advised, cure of 2 to 12 weeks for a work more and more complete and in depth.


Ajo Sacha is one of the master plants of the Amazon rainforest. Used by a large number of South American tribes, it is considered one of the most powerful, yet most accessible, teaching plants. In the jungle, we would give it the status of Panacea (cure for everything), a precious asset acting as an "Adaptogen" (which adapts to the body to give it what it needs).

The Ajo Sacha opens his arms wide, embraces you, protects you, guides you, shows you the way ...

Universal, it is available to everyone. Its action is gentle and powerful at the same time, not upsetting the waking consciousness, it is a gift to put in all hands.  !


No contraindication for this tasty treasure, which when consumed in tea reveals the exotic flavors of a spicy jungle, a complex and refined broth  ! A most surprising and comforting taste :)

A pea of this resin is enough to constitute this drink of bliss.

Symbol of light, the Ajo Sacha is generally perceived as a powerful male spirit, like a father, who protects us, strengthens us and gets rid of what is no longer useful to us, which helps us determine what we really want, and focus on our goals. True Master, he acts day and night, in dreams and by introspection, offering his advice in the form of bursts of clarity, inspiration and new visions.

Main Effects

Motivation, Courage, Focus, Integration

Positivity, Joy of Living

Sensory, mental & emotional clarity, Detachment

  Global Strengthening, Anchoring, Moving Forward, Facing Adversity, Healing Traumas.

Revealing, Treasure of Introspection and Meditation, Stimulates Intuition and Rich, Vivid and Memorable Dreams

Strength of Wisdom and Maturity

For everyday ailments

The Ajo Sacha is a treasure of Positivity, like a ball of joy, courage and confidence in life. Traditionally used to drive away negativity, it helps us detach ourselves from our harmful thoughts and behaviors, sort out our lives, cope and move on. He is also a great protector and has gained an excellent reputation for hunting "  parasites  That we sometimes let in without realizing it.


True anti-depressant, the Ajo Sacha raises, tones, revives the fire in oneself. It uplifts the mood and anchors the body and mind here and now.


Very often, the Ajo Sacha is used in cure of several weeks to prepare important healing ceremonies, it purifies, clarifies the way to be followed, and allows to center the mind on its intentions of transformation. Likewise, following important changes, after great transformations, the Ajo Sacha is used to integrate in depth what has been lived. It is then used for 3 weeks or more, day after day.


The Ajo Sacha can thus be used for "  anchor an intention  », Focus and work on specific objectives. Treasures of concentration and integration , it allows for in-depth work.


Ally of energy companies , shamans and mystics, it offers stability during journeys in the high spheres.


The Ajo Sacha acts as "  developer  ",

Guide to Dreams and introspection, the Ajo Sacha teaches us in dreams that are rich, vivid and memorable. At his side, it is possible to discover precious keys to mastering dreams and inner journeys.


Plant of Clarity , like all dream plants, hunters use it to refine their senses. It thus brings precision and discernment as much in the sensory and extra-sensory perceptions as in the intellect.

On the physical level , the Ajo Sacha protects, strengthens, purifies and tones the organism.

  • Anti-inflammatory, anti fungal and anti microbial,

  • Detoxifying  and powerful blood purifier

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Cleanses the digestive system

  • Recommended in case of Headaches, Fever, Coldstroke .... Cellular protection of the lungs, kidneys, faith and brain

  • Anti-rheumatic, Anti-pain (analgesic), used for Arthritis, urinary disorders, rheumatism, epilepsy, digestive problems, laxatives and tonics ...


Usage Keys  :

  • Very potent to use with specific intention over a long period of time  .

  • Very powerful to use in Pre / Post Initiation

  • High Frequency Work Support - Support Vibratory Work in the higher spheres - Ally of light workers, healers, energy practitioners etc ... protect, align, guide.


Community spaces  :

Discord chat dedicated to the Ajo Sacha  :

Circle Dedicated to the Ajo Sacha on the Toweto  :


References & + Info:

This product  is not intended for self-medication.

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