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Lavandula Angustifolia

Quick Description

Lavender is a warm, luminous & soothing herb. It brings courage & sincerity.

Main Effects

Relaxation, calm & serenity, clarity & lucidity, euphoria & well-being,  tension cleansing, aphrodisiac & sensory, dreams & lucid dreams, meditation, Sacred Feminine.

Conso Mode '

  4g infusion 



   A Little History of Lavender

  Traces of lavender oil have been found on embalming strips used by the Egyptians during mummifications, suggesting that they  knew its thousand virtues.

  Lavender, whose name comes from the Latin lavare (which means to wash, due to its use in baths among the Romans) is mentioned many times during antiquity and the Middle Ages, Avicenna, Hildegarde von Bingen, Paracelsus, and many others describe his uses, sometimes fanciful, sometimes innovative but always beneficial.

  In all the Mediterranean rim the use of the plant is thus developing, ranked among the "precious plants" by Roman naturalists such as Pliny the Elder.

"Lavender  erases anxieties, promotes amenity, gentleness, deeply restructures a dilapidated psyche and allows peaceful sleep. Its emanations will draw into the home energies of joy, understanding, and peace. "

In its Yin-Yang balance, Lavender happily tends towards the Feminine, maternal side.

She is introspective, carrying a confident and uncluttered look at oneself.

Here are some of his most recognized gifts  :
    Spiritual healing
   Higher consciousness
   Release of energy blockages
   The reduction of  tensions
   Promotes calm

Does Lavender have any special magical properties?

  She  has been used for centuries in the field of love, used to scent love letters, or used as a perfume to attract the opposite sex.

During the Renaissance, in some convents, lavender was combined with rosemary to "reverse" the effect and guarantee female chastity.

A legend reports that it is enough to massage your forehead with lavender flowers before falling asleep to have premonitory dreams ...

In the language of flowers, lavender means "Answer me". In a more established relationship or a friendly relationship it is a symbol of "tenderness": in relation to its bluish mauve color, its fragrance, as well as its soothing and antiseptic properties.

The lavender wedding symbolizes the 46 years of marriage in French folklore.

Lavender is often placed in a bag in the laundry for its ability to scare away moths & scent fabrics.

This product  is not intended for self-medication.



Mediterranean Basin

Certified organic




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