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(Turnera Aphrodisiaca)

Damiana leaf is our best seller, no doubt because the very finely cut leaves provide an ideal base to replace tobacco, its mild flavor and light effects of relaxation and well-being delight more than one!


  New Damiana extract powder x100

  Damiana is used by the Mayans of Central America for its aphrodisiac properties.

  Besides these aphrodisiac properties, it also acts on mood, helping to relieve mild depression, anxiety and stress in women and men.

  To tone the body , the Indians of Brazil infused the leaves to extract the active ingredients.

  Nowadays, Damiana is regularly smoked for its relaxing and euphoric effects.

  In traditional medicine, it is used in self-medication to stimulate the genitals and to treat individuals who have a problem with premature ejaculation. It increases sexual potency and regulates hormonal imbalances.

  Its active ingredients act directly on the genitals by stimulating blood circulation and the production of testosterone. Damiana also helps strengthen the female genitals. In young girls, it treats the problems of menstrual disorders or amenorrhea.

This product  is not intended for self-medication.

Native country :


Reasoned Agriculture


Quick Description

La Damiana opens the heart  & healed him ...

It is the carrier of Sensitivity, Joy & Vitality.

Main Effects

Joy of Living, Awakening of the Senses, Relaxation of the Spirit, Light exhilarating, Balance  Emotional, Aphrodisiac, Confidence & Motivation, Find & Fix Sleep

Conso Mode '

Particularly suitable, smoke pure, mix or sprinkle (extract).

3g in infusion

Or 0.5g of extract)


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