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Relaxing Herbs

Basilic Sacré

Sacred Basil ~ Tulsi

(Ocimum Sanctum)

Quick Description

The Sacred Basil is a fantastic herb capable of revitalizing & cleaning tensions in depth. Its sumptuous taste makes it an herbal tea to enjoy all day!

Main Effects

Revitalization, Relaxation Body & Mind, Well-Being, Emotional & Psychic Balance, Cleansing Stress & Tensions, Joy of Living ...

Mode de Conso '

Complement or in a mix.

Reduce to powder.

3g in infusion


We are happy to welcome

3 different types of Tulsi currently recognized:

Lemon Vana, Krishna and Rama Tulsi!

3 unique flavors carried by the same power ...

It is with great pleasure that we offer Sacred Basil, well known by other names such as Holy Basil, Tulsi, The Queen of Herbs, The Mother Medecine of Nature nature) and many others ...

This plant is sacred in many Asian cultures.

In India, from where it originates, it is considered one of the major plants of Ayurvedic Medicine and it has been used frequently for more than 5000 years.

It is considered adaptogenic, in India it is called "Rasayana". This means that it brings the individual back to health, whatever his problems. It is a plant which, when taken daily, can bring about many transformations. It promotes the reconstruction of the physically and mentally exhausted person and nourishes them.

Classic texts speak of daily consumption of Tulsi to balance the chakras (energy centers).

It has a reputation for restoring balanced, gentle and powerful vital energy, while chasing away all forms of stress from the body, day after day.

It can thus be considered as invigorating and relaxing at the same time.

It has always been used as a great ally for meditation & other spiritual practices.

It is clearly considered to be Elixir of Life, from the top of its pleiad of fabulous properties (some examples: it treats headaches, strengthens the immune system, eliminates chronic fatigue, purifies the respiratory system etc ...

It is also used to improve cerebral circulation and memory (in combination with ginkgo biloba or celastrus paniculatus for example).

The Tulsi or Sacred Basil has also become famous for its effects on the sleeping Consciousness, it regulates sleep cycles and sweetens dreams while providing Presence & Lucidity.

He would also tend to "open" the Dream to other horizons by bringing flexibility to the sleeping mind.

In addition, this fabulous plant is highly recommended to cure nightmares ...

Sacred Basil is also often used in cooking, as a condiment.

Sacred Basil emits flavors that are much richer than Western Basil, making it a herb of choice for cooking, tea and any aromatic preparation.

Other traditional origins:

Dedicated to Vishnu and Krischna, Tulsi basil strengthens faith, the ability to be enthusiastic, compassion and spiritual clarity. It owes its name "Tulsi", in French "incomparable" in reference to the lover of Krishna, transformed into a plant.

Symbol of protection and strength, it is customary in India, in case of death, to affix on the chest of the deceased a leaf of this basil to help him find the way to eternal peace.

The Indians make necklaces with its flowers which they place around the neck and decorate the entrance of their houses or their temples in order to attract divine protection to them.

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