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Alternative to Tobacco



Also discover our many other pipe herbs, and create for yourself beautiful synergies, exotic flavors and beneficial effects :)

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The top herbs to combine with the herbalmix:

  • La Damiana->:  A classic, smooth and pleasant flavor, relatively neutral, can be used as a base without problem (nothing else needed!) Or in a mix. Calming, sensual and positive, it gently gives morale and warms the heart. 

  • La Caléa Zacatechichi->: Superb dream plant, relaxing and clarifying (!). A bitter and fresh taste, slightly minty, do not hesitate to play with the dosages to obtain a satisfactory flavor.

  • Mexican Tarragon->  : Delicious fruity and spicy flavors, a real candy! Use only the powdered leaves and flowers, a very small amount is sufficient. Slightly euphoric and relaxing.

  • The Blue Lily / Blue Lotus->  : A unique floral flavor and relaxing, sensual and sensitizing effects 

  • The Lotus Blanc & Rose-> : Calm and soft in their tastes as well as in their effects.

  • Entada Rheedii->:  Very relaxing and powerful dream plant in daily use, the entada extract and / or the flesh of the powdered seed is sprinkled on the herbal'mix.

  • As well as all the resins-> , which mix together and can be mixed with other herbs powdered by hand, in order to easily create a kind of pollen with the ideal texture to be then consumed in addition to the herbal'mix (or other);)

  • And many others !!! This way ->  


The Herbal'mix is a sweet and flowery mixture particularly suitable to replace partly or totally tobacco. This mixture provides a very subtle effect which brings a little serenity.


It contains :

Marshmallow (Marsh Mallow)

Raspberry Leaves

Red Clover Leaves

Sweet Clover Leaves

Peppermint Leaves

Calendula Flowers


All very finely cut.


Composition  :


❁ Raspberry

  Clover  Soft

❁ Clover  Red

❁ Peppermint

❁ Calendula


dried herb s

Very finely cut

Amount :

To find in:

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