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Relaxing Herbs



(Passiflora Incarnata)

Quick Description

An ancestral herb carrying mystery, Passionflower deeply relaxes while providing inspiration & sensitivity.

Main Effects

Body & Spirit Relaxation, Awakening of the Senses, Sensuality, Passion, Creativity, Innovative Dreams, Bi in-being, Emotional Balance, Mental Calm, find Sleep, Cure nightmares ...

Conso Mode '

Alone or to supplement with other herbs "Bases". 

Resin and Extract can also be used.

3g in infusion (leaves).

0.1  to 1g of Resins or Extracts

Passionflower is in the spotlight:

  New Quality of Passionflower,

Certified Organic and Wild Harvest in France,  

New Passionflower Resin x100,

New powder extract x100.

(photos to come)


  Do not underestimate this plant today widespread in the gardens and parks of our villages ...

  Passionflower has the power to deeply relax the tensions of the body, the loads of the mind and the troubled emotions ...

Grass of sensuality, softness, delicacy, but also inspiration and great passion, Passionflower is an herb of creativity, love, joy of life, relaxation and much more.

The Passionflower, or "Passion Flower" is full of grace, its intoxicating scents and its delicious taste make it an infusion always welcome for a relaxed evening.


  It is said to have received its name from the Spanish missionaries, who viewed the plant as a symbol of Christ's passion.


Passionflower originates from Mexico where it was already used by the Aztecs for its sedative, hypnotic and magical properties.


Passionflower has often been used as a potentiator of different preparations, it allows to intensify the effects of the vast majority of plants that are associated with it.  


Passionflower is still used today for its calming effects on the nervous system, hypnotics and sedatives. It decreases the anxiety that opposes rest and soothes fears, states of stress and overwork.


Its anxiolytic properties are particularly useful for treating anxiety caused by withdrawal, whether from cannabis, opiates, alcohol, hypnotics (sleeping pills) and / or classic anxiolytics.

A benzoflavone in passionflower also acts as a THC inhibitor.


Passionflower would have the property of treating the problems of azoospermia (absence of spermatozoa in the semen), as well as sterility and the drop in libido often associated with alcoholics and heavy smokers.

Besides its tranquilizing effects, passionflower has many other virtues: it reduces palpitations; muscle cramps; headaches; menstrual pain; toothaches; asthma and hypertension; helps reduce the frequency and intensity of epileptic seizures and also acts as an antispasmodic.

Native Americans used its leaves in poultices to treat and heal wounds and bruises. As for its juice, they used it to treat eye pain.

The crushed leaves had a reputation for relieving hemorrhoids, burns and rashes.


  Other No ms: Apricot vine, Maracuja, Passionflower, Carkifelek, Charkhi Felek, Maypop, Maypop Passionflower, Saa'T Gulu, Ward Assa'Ah, Zahril Aalaam, Clock Plant (Japan)







Certified organic

This product is not intended for self-medication.

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