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Toning Herbs


(Celastrus Paniculatus)

Quick Description

Celastrus seeds are exceptional brain boosters that act with intensity while balancing the nervous system to promote clear & flexible concentration.

Main Effects

Brain booster, Immediate energy, Concentration, Clarity, Flexibility of the Mind, Well-being, Joy of Living, Psychic Balance.

Mode de Conso '

1g in decoction.

Can also be eaten raw or reduced to powder & mixed with honey (for example).

Return of Celastrus seeds,

New quality!

Also called "The Intellect Tree", "Black-oil Tree" in reference to its seeds exceptionally rich in black oil, or "Jyotishmati" from its Sanskrit (Indian) name.

The seeds of this tree have been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic Medicine (Sage of 5,000 years of experience).

Today they are recognized worldwide for their powerful properties on brain activity.

Celastrus has gained a reputation to the point of destroying the indestructible Ginkgo Biloba to balance & optimize brain functions, increase memory and improve intellectual performance as a whole while relaxing the nervous system.

The Celastrus makes it possible to integrate the information received more quickly and in depth, it improves alertness by offering a clear and intense Consciousness .

Its rapid action on the brain creates a burst of lucidity that extends over a few hours. It transforms brain performance over the long term with regular use.

This is how Celastrus seeds have become a benchmark for natural onirogens. It improves memory, clarity and the presence of the Dream. Its effectiveness in matters of Lucid Dream greatly contributed to make it famous in the West. Contemporary onironauts praise its ability to make dreams richer & more intense, while offering undeniable support for lucidity.

Celastrus seeds are traditionally boiled in water and eaten several times a day. They are also sometimes eaten as they are, or reduced to powder to be mixed with a little honey & spices.

In general, 20 to 40 seeds are used with each catch & the dosages are increased over time. Celastrus users do not hesitate to consume these small seeds regularly, day and night. Besides, a good part of the effects produced by the Celastrus only reveal themselves after several days of use.

This product is not intended for self-medication.



Ancient india

Traditional use:




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