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Relax'mix in resin

Quick Description

A relaxing synergy to awaken the senses & stimulate creativity both awake and asleep ...

Main Effects

Body & Spirit Relaxation, Awakening the Senses, Light exhilarating, Dream Memories,  Lucid Dreams, Finding Sleep, Curing Nightmares ...

Conso Mode '

Dry if necessary.

0.2g in long infusion (15min)

Usage Tip: If the Resin is too sticky, let it dry  out of its bag for a few hours until the desired texture is obtained.

"Oya" is the name we gave to our first  relaxing resin.


It is composed of an interesting mixture of relaxing plants and dream plants in resins, powders and extracts mixed together. 

This recipe is  likely to evolve according to our discoveries.

The synergy achieved offers a feeling of well-being, receptivity, creativity and deep relaxation ...

The effects of this mixture  are intense, discover them  calmly :)

Rather intended to be smoked, it can also be infused or gobbled up, it's up to everyone to find their own dosage but it's wise to start with around 0.1g.

This product  is not intended for self-medication.

Composition  :

  Blue Lotus Resin (extract x100)

❁ Pink Lotus

(resin x25)

❁ Passionflower

(extract x4)

❁ Wild Lettuce (resin x25)

❁ Entada Rheedii -

Dream seed

( extract x50)

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