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Les Herbes à Rêves

☾  Dream Herbs ☀

They awaken the Dreamer in Self, stimulate the memory of Dreams, open the door to Lucid Dream ...

Click to access the Dream Herb Guides ... ~>

To fully embrace Adventure, Discover The Dream Traveler Oniropack  !

Les Herbes Stimulantes

☾  Stimulating Herbs ☀

New organization of this section now in 4 parts:

- BrainBoosters: Stimulates the cerebral faculties, memory, learning, lucidity, concentration ...

- Mood enhancers: Motivation, Self-Confidence, Joy of Living ...

- Energizers: Energy, Strength & Endurance in their raw state.

- Revitalizers: Adaptogenic Herbs which balance and nourish the whole organism.

They act in deep transformation through regular use, day after day ...

Les Herbes Relaxantes

☾  Relaxing Herbs  ☀

The People of  Herbs offers us its  helps to find peace, calm the mind, relax the body, balance our emotions ...  some act immediately to offer us precious moments of well-being, others have broader powers ...  detoxify, revitalize, balance, we  help  to find a  healthy and sustainable joy of living,  one peace  at all times ....

How to choose ? The best way: Follow your intuition, find out  those who call you .

For a deep transformation, look for the "Repairing" Herbs

For the best relaxing herbs to smoke, it's here ->

☾ Herbs in Calumet  ☀

Les Herbes à Calumet

Herbs from the pipes to the pipes of our ancestors, recognized today  to create "herbal'mix" or "smoking blend"

☾  The Savory ☀

Les Savoureuses

Herb medicine  is not always equal  for the pleasure of taste

That's why we bring together our tastiest treasures here,

Flavors for traveling,

Flavors to awaken forgotten memories ...

☾  Resins & Extracts  ☀

Résines & Extraits

Resins are small wonders concentrated in active ingredients.

Just like the extracts, they have the chance to be quick to prepare & to act.

They can be placed under the tongue, diluted in water, infused, swallowed, smoked ...

Resins & Extracts combine  easily together, this is how the Oya was born,

A thousand other recipes are possible!

☾ Best Sellers, Discoveries & Synergies  ☀

Meilleures Ventes, Découvertes & Synergies

You will find here  our current best sales, new products &  "invitations to discover" as well as access to our Synergistic Creations & to all of our Discovery & Synergies Packs. 

Here are our bestsellers :)

☾  Aphrodisiac & Sensory Herbs ☀

Les Herbes Aphrodisiaques & Sensorielles

Herbs can work in many ways to increase the Pleasure of the Senses

Increase blood flow, stimulate brain activity ....

... make the body more sensitive, more  awake, more  reagent

If you are looking for the ecstasy of the senses, you can  orient yourself towards the most famous aphrodisiac herbs ...

... or discover the subtlety of Sensory Herbs

~> Discover the Tantric Guide to Herbs ~> (soon)

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