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Our Stimulant Packs

Energy Pack

Energy Pack

 This pack allows you to discover little-known energizing plants,  yet much richer in caffeine &  in beneficial properties than coffee itself. 

This pack includes the delicious White Wings, essential to discover invigorating and refreshing plants <3


It is composed of :

  - 20g of White Wings

  - 100g of Guayusa Leaves

  - 100g of Guarana
  - 200g of Yerba Maté

For permanent, healthy & genuine energy, we invite you to discover Revitalizing Plants.

Toning & Revitalizing Plants allow the body to best deploy its own energy, they are used daily and require a little patience to perceive the effects. They allow the organization to deploy  itself its own energy and to be at its best at all times & without the help of any plants after a few weeks of use.

These products are not intended for self-medication.

Composition  :


❁ White Wings

❁ Guarana

❁ Mate

Leaves, seeds & roots


In powders &

Finely cut

The Pack:

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