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Our Relaxing Packs



4th Version


  This pack contains a set of wonders  plants specializing in relaxation of the mind, well-being, lightness,  creativity, dreams ...

  These Herbs act immediately.

It is composed of :

  - 2g of Blue Lotus  x100  (in resin),

  - 2g of White Lotus  x100 (in resin),

  - 50g of Mugwort

  - 50g of Passionflower

  - 50g of Holy Basil

  - 100g of Carob (powder)

  The Holy Basil used daily will reveal its full potential.

Usage tips :

- Each of these plants can be used in Infusion (see their individual descriptions).

- Each of these plants can be smoked (except cocoa; p)

- Be careful not to heat the cocoa (water / lukewarm milk) to more than 40 ° in order to retain all its properties!


  This pack allows a reduction of more than 3 €.

These products are not  not intended for self-medication.

Composition  :

  Holy Basil

❁ Blue Lotus

❁ Passionflower

❁ Mugwort

❁ White Lotus

❁ Carob

Flowers, Leaves, Beans ...


In resin, in powders, whole ...

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