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☾  The Ubul'Actuw  ☀

☾ News March 13, 2018 ☀

3 New Categories:

The  Tasty , Smoking Herbs ,  

Resins & Extracts

  Full of new treasures:)

Blue Lotus Resin x100 , Guayusa Resin x30,

Sugandi , Mugwort , Carob, Cinnamon , Lavender ,

Wild Dagga Resin (x25),  Pink Lotus Resin (x25) ,

Wild Lettuce Resin (x25)

New Quality  : Maca , Sacred Cocoa

Restocked  : Kanna , Entada Rheedii , Ginkgo Biloba , Guarana

Message of 05/28/2017: Ubulawu is evolving ...

   Many improvements have just been made ...

      - Improved site performance, new home page, new guidance system, participatory journal ...  lots of new things to discover here  of the !

      - An Entre-Aide Group has just opened its doors, centered on the exchange of advice on uses & secrets of the plant people, join it!

      - A Commentary system has just been added, so we are launching an Opinions Quest  :  visit the Herbs you know & share  what you think of it !

                               Thank you  :)

      - We want to make Ubulawu a collective adventure.  You are all invited to share your opinion, your ideas, your remarks ... Contact us to let us know privately, or share your opinion on our FB page . On this subject, a first survey is launched,  

                              It's this way !

Preview of " To come" ..:

4 new categories remain to germinate ....

  • Aphrodisiac & Sensory Herbs - Deploy  the tantric power of the Herbs ...

  • The Herbs of the Sacred Feminine & Masculine - to awaken the countless qualities  sleeping  in U.S.

  • Detox Herbs - to purify, fluidify, free the body of toxins, heavy metals & company ...

  • Make your Herbal'Mix: many herbs adapted to make your own smoking mixture!


As well as many new User Guides, Recipes, Synergies & many Unsuspected Herbs  !

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