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Our Relaxing Packs



New Composition!

This pack brings together great allies to falling asleep, which promote relaxation of the body & mind while operating a profound transformation in the quality of sleep.

It is composed of :

  - 50g of Ashwagandha (in  powder)

  - 50g of Holy Basil (cut)

  - 10g of Imphepho (powder)

  - 5g of Wild Lettuce x25 (in resin)

  - 2g of Entada Rheedii (extract x50, powder)

How to use it :

- They are all consumed in infusions. They can be drunk in the evening before going to bed or at any time to relax. Each of these plants contains an apprenticeship, a message to our body to teach it to better relax, to calm down, all leading to better sleep.

  It may be good to devote a few consecutive days to each herb one after the other (3 to 7 days each) to appreciate all its virtues.

- Hesitate  not however to try a few mixtures if you feel it, it is not dangerous & can be surprising!

- All of these herbs can be smoked (except ashwagandha).

- Consume Ashwagandha as a daily infusion, rather in the morning (Ashwagandha is also a global tonic which restores  energy, although it acts in depth on the regulation of sleep). Use approx. 3g, let infuse 10min and drink with the powder for optimal results. Ashwagandha should be used for 16 consecutive days.

Composition  :

❁ Wild Lettuce

❁ Entada Rheedii

❁ Ashwagandha

❁ Holy Basil

❁ Imphepho

Flowers, Leaves ...

Resin, powder

& finely

cut ...

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