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News 27 November 2021

Ubulawu remains open and present for you.

It is high time to take care of yourself and others.

More than ever let us be manifestations of Joy   and spread the light :)


Ubulawu shares with you some of the most sacred botanical specimens, formerly reserved for Shamans, Masters of Ceremonies, the rare tribes with access to these plants from often remote areas, to Kings, Emperors and Rich Traders ready to launch large expeditions to obtain a few of these elixirs of immortality, clairvoyance, power, well-being and ecstasy of the senses ...

Today, these herbs are within our reach ...

Ubulawu would like you to be well aware of the incredible privilege of having access to these treasures of health and self-discovery. For the first time, we have the opportunity to mix in us plant essences discovered on each continent.

On this site you will find a selection of our most precious finds,

Do not underestimate their potential and do not forget to express gratitude to them. Ubulawu thanks you very much <3


Deliveries are well insured, with a few days of delays depending on the deadlines of your local post office (generally 1 to 3 days more).


Little news:

Accompanied by a couple of fabulous artist friends, Ubulawu is currently working on the development of new 100% eco-responsible packaging: high quality "home-compostable" sachets, refillable boxes and jars ...

The Ubulawu Adventure is also being prepared ... an epic quest for all of us to meet, exchange and create together ... soon more info ;)

Lotus Bleu

Payment & Delivery

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Worldwide Delivery

3 to 7 Days

2€ to 7€


Wellbeing, Energy, Sensitivity, Creativity, Clarity, Flexibility ...

The Plants of this world reveal its powers to those who understands it.

This is the Mission we gave to ourselves

Bringing together treasures from every continent,

Explore ancient Memories, Tribes and Human Civilisations

In the respect that Shamans teach us,
And with regard to our current sciences

Feel, Study, Experiement ...

 ☽   Dream Herbs ?   ☾

Dream Herbs are the wondrous
Plants that inspire us in this project.
There is a great diversity.


  They were used by the Incas, Mayas, Zulus, Hopis, Malaysian Senoi,
Qechuas, Hottentots of Mexico and many others ...
Each of these tribes and civilisations recognized the importance of
Dreams in the development of Human potential and the maintenance of its well-being.

They saw it as a way of remembering who we are and what we are here for, on Earth ...


    The Dream Herbs gradually awaken the Memory of Dreams,
     They offer Rich Dreams of Meaning, innovative and spectacular ...

      They teach Lucidity,

     Allowing those who wish to be Lucid Dreamers,

    To become Masters of the Dream ...

          ~> To know more ...

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