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Dream Herbs

Calea Zacatechichi


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Dream Herbs

Quick Description

The Calea is a Major Dream Grass. It offers quick results: spectacular, intense & deep dreams.

When consumed, it clears the mind & pleasantly relaxes.

Main Effects

Mind & Body Relaxation, Memories of Dreams, Intense & Spectacular Dreams, Lucid Dreams, Clarity & Awakening of the Senses, Imagination, Concentration, Finding Sleep ...

Mode de Conso '

Usage Trad.

Finely reduce to powder. Mix with a 20% Calea base.

Calea Zacatechichi is a plant native to Mexico well known to contemporary explorers of the dream worlds for its effects on dreams.
Its name comes from the Nahuatl "Zacatechichi" which means "bitter grass". It would also have been called "Thle-Pelakano", or the Grass of the Gods.

Traditionally, this plant is used among the native Chontal of the Mexican state of Oaxaca as a means of divination by the dream.
When a shaman wants to know the cause of an illness or the location of a distant or lost person, the dry leaves of the Calea are smoked, drunk and put under the pillow before going to sleep. The answer to the question is then delivered in a dream…

Also called "dream herb" or simply "Dream Herb," ​​Calea Zacatechichi has become well known outside of its traditional use by the Chontals.

Much of its reputation is due to its ability to induce spectacular dreams and to increase the frequency of lucid dreams.


In the waking state, the Calea Zacatechichi causes a discreet improvement in all sensory perceptions.

Indians say it "Clarifies the Senses" ...

The awakened effects are often not very noticeable at first, it is during repeated use that one begins to feel its benevolent influence. Quite intense relaxing effects can then appear.


The "Onironautes" appreciate the control and the presence offered by the Caléa during dreams (but also outside) and they often consume it throughout the day.

Like most dream plants, the Calea seems to act in the short, medium and long term, which is why it is used as much during the night as at any other time of the day, in regular use .

In infusion, the Indians did not name this plant lightly, because it is really very bitter! A small amount infused seems to be enough.


Contemporary users generally prefer to smoke it by reducing it well to powder & by mixing it with tobacco (often with more tobacco than Calea).

The combustion of plants being harmful and destructive for their active ingredients, the use of a vaporizer is highly recommended .

There are also alternatives to tobacco.


Anyway, it is in regular use that the Caléa seems to reveal all its mysteries. Many individuals have noticed little if any results on their dreams after a one-time use, unlike repeated use that seems to make everyone agree.


In Aromatherapy the Caléa also knows its success there, it is used to make artisanal incense promoting the dream ...

Other Uses:
Calea Zacatechichi is also a plant of great medicinal use popular in Mexico. An infusion of the plant (roots, leaves, and stem) is used against gastrointestinal disorders, such as an aperitif, cholagogue, antidysentric remedy, effective febrifuge.


Other names for Calea Zacatechichi:

Dream Herb, Caléa Ternifolia, Aztec Dream Grass, Bejuco chismuyo, Bitter Grass, Hoja Madre, Prodigiosa, Thle-pelakano, Tzikin, Yerba amarga, Zacate de perro


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