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Aphrodisiac herbs

Love reed

(Typha Capensis)

It is a robust aquatic reed up to three meters high, quite common in South Africa.  


The plant has deep and fleshy rhizomes traditionally used in various uses such as the treatment of venereal diseases and stomach aches, but it is mainly for its effects on male libido and female fertility that it is being rediscovered today. hui. It would have the effect of improving blood circulation.  


Love Reed is also a powerful euphoric plant that has amazing toning properties, acting very favorably on mood.


According to the Zulus, a daily glass of a decoction of this plant (about 1 to 2 grams), taken for a week, turns those who consume it into vigorous lovers.  


Love Reed is a difficult plant to obtain, which justifies its current price.

We will soon be able to offer much better prices for this product :)



South Africa

Ethnic group  original  :


Culture 100%




Finely cut

Not available



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