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Our Stimulant Packs



This small pack focuses  on some  plants traditionally used to improve  the capacities of concentration, reflection as well as the whole of the cerebral potential.

It is composed of :

  - 50g of Ginkgo Biloba leaves (finely chopped)

  - 50g of Guayusa leaves (finely chopped)

  - 50g of Guarana seeds (powder)

  - 50g of Aswagandha root  (in powder)

  - 25g of Celastrus seeds (whole)

For a job  more in depth, we invite you to discover the Secret Synergy Pack : D

These products are not intended for self-medication.

Composition  :

❁ Guayusa

❁ Celastrus

❁ Guarana

❁ Ginkgo Biloba

❁ Aswhagandha

Leaves & seeds

Powdered & finely chopped

The Pack :

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