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Sagan Dale

♦ 0% Toxic ♦

♦ 100% Legal ♦

♦ 100% Aromas ♦

♦ 100% Benefits ♦


Discover here our first selection of Vaporizers !

They are the perfect way to discover the true power and aroma of the Vegetal Treasures, close to the smoking experience, but 100% Healthy !

Portable Vaporizers

Fixed vaporizers

Discovery of the Vaporizer


A word from Ubulawu: Finally the Vapo '! : D

More Info To Come !

More Info To Come !


To consume any Vegetable or Resin!

Dedicated to replace cigarettes, pipes & other consumptions based on Combustion.

Vaporizers use the force of

Convection for 100% Clean consumption

Main Effects

Healthy Technology

Perfect Extraction

Essential Oils



Aroma +++

Flavor Medicine

More Info To Come !

More Info To Come !

More Info To Come !

This product is not intended for self-medication.

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