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Ti Woody-S

Dynavap Vapcap portable vaporizer

Sagan Dale

the  Ti Woody-S vaporizer  it is a very small portable non-electric vaporizer since it works with a lighter.

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92mm long and available in several wood species (Cocobolo and Blackwood), the Ti Woody-S vaporizer is equipped with a rotating wooden mouthpiece, a titanium bowl, an SS condenser (the tube in which passes steam), a wooden body and of course the famous stainless steel Cap.






The real innovation of Dynavap, present on all portable vaporizers of the Dynavap vaporizer brand is a  temperature control by sound.


- As soon as the vaporization temperature is reached (approximately 190 ° C) the cap - or cap- of the vaporizer emits a small "Click" followed by another click indicating that you must stop heating immediately.

- As soon as the vaporizer is cold enough for a second heating cycle a 3rd  then 4th click are heard.

The temperature is more or less controllable depending on the location of the heater. See diagram below.














In addition, a small hole located on the device, just under the mouthpiece, allows you to more or less regulate the air flow and therefore the density of your inhalations.




The so-called Titianium tip bowl made of titanium,  can produce  pure and intense vapor
The only element in medical stainless steel is the cap, the small part which closes the bowl and which is heated.




The flavors and vapor density produced by Ti Woody are  impressive , its size, weight (9 grams) and ease of use are simply brilliant.

Buying a Ti Woody Titanium DynaVap vaporizer is receiving  :

-           1 Ti Woody-S vaporizer (double crown - the metal at the end of the wood)

-           1 Dynavap transport tube



Dry grass



Heats up in seconds up to 200 ° C


Technical characteristics

Weight :  

9 grams


Length :  



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