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The beginning

Night Flight, Day Flight

    Consciences are awake ...


   When we start to  let go of what does not belong to us,

  to forget false truths, to  change our opinions, to  open ourselves to possibilities,

  Our body undergoes an expansion, our energy fields become denser, and we          let us come closer to our Being.


   Life has led us to a place of training,

   A magnificent planet called Gaia

    We have lived there many lives before, and one thing leading to another,

     Have become  masters. But we forgot about it.

     Far from this galaxy maybe we also existed,

    In other dimensions, in other temporalities.

   This amalgam of lives forms what we are,

  We will relearn how to remember,


  ... To become complete Beings again.


Take from  during our Flight

Let us believe in the unexpected,

Surprise with the mysteries of Life.

Let us let ourselves be invaded by what we have always known,

That we are magical beings , with infinite potentials.


Let s shatter the debris of the past, our mistaken beliefs, our conditioned thoughts,


Let us finally let our liberated consciousnesses fly.


Let us remember

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