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Mini DEE

Orion portable vaporizer

Sagan Dale

The Mini Dee Orion from the top of its 7 cm, is a portable vaporizer with 3 pre-set temperatures, an autonomy of more than 45 minutes of use, a charge by USB and an adjustable air passage

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The Mini Dee is the first portable vaporizer from the French vaporizer brand Orion.



Compatible with plants, resins and concentrates, it  the size of a lighter .

Its white ceramic vaporization chamber and three pre-set temperatures make  Mini Dee a perfect introduction to the world of vaporizing dry plants and resin.

The Mini Dee is guaranteed for 2 years in France.


Dry grass




40-60 minute charge


Technical characteristics

Battery :  

850mAh Lithium polymer



Micro USB



190 ° C, 210 ° C and 220 ° C

The Orion Mini Dee comes with  :

  • A Mini Dee vaporizer.

  • A metal cartridge for the resins.

  • A white ceramic cartridge for concentrates.

  • A filling tool for your plants and resins - very practical.

  • Cleaning brush - use cold

  • A USB cable.

  • 2 year warranty.

Technical characteristics of the Mini Dee vaporizer  :

  • White ceramic chamber for a very good flavor rendering.

  • Heater mix of conduction and convection for efficient extraction on a very small battery.

  • 3 preset temperatures  : 190 ° C, 210 ° C and 220 ° C.

  • Compatible with plants, resins and concentrates.

  • Heats up in 25 seconds.

  • Airflow / airflow adjustable under the Mini Dee.

  • Non-removable 850mAh Lithium polymer battery.

  • Loading time  : 35 minutes.

  • Autonomy announced  : 40 to 45 minutes.

  • Usable while charging via USB.

  • Charging indicator next to the USB port.

  • Auto shutt off / automatic shutdown every four minutes.

  • Robust construction with an aluminum body.

  • Pyrex glass mouthpiece.

  • Dimensions  : 66 * 35 * 20mm

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