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Stimulating Herbs

Noix de Betel

Betel nuts

(Areca Catechu)

Quick Description

Betel is a cheerful nut,  it brings a clear & joyful vitality which helps to focus the consciousness.

Main Effects

Immediate Energy, Concentration, Clarity, Well-being, Joy of Living, Awakening of the Senses, Aphrodisiac

Conso Mode '

4g in decoction. Betel can also be drunk directly in cold water.

 It is estimated that over 600 million people chew betel nut regularly, and the practice is sacred in many cultures that have adopted it.


  Nowadays, Betel nut (or areca nut) is commonly used for its stimulating virtues, it providing a rapid dose of energy.  without the unwanted side effects of coffee.

It also tends to improve mood by bringing a note of euphoria,  recalling the properties of pure cocoa  in some aspects.


  The use of betel probably originated in the archipelagos of Southeast Asia, from where this custom spread across the continent, first in Vietnam and Thailand, before reaching India via the following.


  Historical evidence indicates that chewing betel leaf and areca nut (or "Betel")  is ancestral and dates back thousands of years. Skeletons dating from 3000 BC. AD discovered in the vault of Duyong in the Philippines provided evidence of betel chewing, and Indian texts dating from 504 BC. AD also document its use.


  In Vietnam, betel leaf and areca nut feature prominently in traditional wedding ceremonies and many other official occasions. In Papua New Guinea, where this preparation is known as buai, betel is used extensively and can be found on every corner. This substance is prized for its power to reduce stress and hunger pangs and raise awareness.

In India, where these quids are known as paan, chewing is a daily occurrence and an integral part of many occasions and ceremonies.


In traditional medicine, betel nut is used as a remedy for bad breath, intestinal parasites, migraines and skin infections. It is also supposed to facilitate communication with the spiritual world and strengthen social bond and sexual relations.


This product  is not intended for self-medication.

Countries of origin:

Somewhere in Asia

Ethnicity of origin:


(possibly a Filipino people)

Culture 100%


Seeds  Dried

In powder

Amount :

No product



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