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New Herbal'mix


Ubulawu is happy to finally offer you these 2 new Herbal'mix = D
Composed of certified organic plants harvested in Europe,
These Herbal'mixes are carefully mixed, sieved, roasted, moistened and mixed by hand in the heart of the Ubulawu workshop.
Meticulous work to offer you the best of textures :)

On the basis of these mixtures,

the Mullein is in the spotlight,
Reputed to be one of the best plants in our regions to calm coughs as well as many respiratory ailments, fluffy leaves and a rather neutral taste, it perfectly finds its place in the heart of a Herbal'mix. We also attribute to Mullein relaxing, diuretic, anti-inflammatory, sudorific, anti-bacterial ... properties.

In order to offer a Herbal'mix with the most Neutral taste possible, Ubulawu designs the "Herbal'mix Neutral", a simple and effective recipe based on White Broth and Coltsfoot.

Coltsfoot, used in cigarettes in the past to stop smoking, is known to relieve coughs, asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory conditions, A perfect synergy with White Broth :)

The second version of this new Herbal'mix is intended to be more tasty,
The "Herbal'mix" Fruity "is composed of Mullein and Raspberry leaves,
The slightly floral and woody taste of the raspberry is a pleasant addition to the Mullein.
Anti-inflammatory, raspberry leaves are traditionally used to decongest the nostrils and soothe sore throats. They are also known as allies of choice for women during painful periods.


Smoking herbs
Combustion always generates harmful substances,
In addition, most of the beneficial active ingredients do not survive these high temperatures.

The use of a vaporizer allows healthy consumption, extracting all the flavors and beneficial properties of plants at low temperatures.

We hope that these plants are consumed in conscience and that they offer a precious help to reduce or eliminate addictive behavior.


This product is not intended for self-medication


Notes de l'alchimixste : 

Chaque mois un nouveau stock est réalisé, chaque fois le résultat est amélioré !
Nous utilisons des plantes de grande qualité, cherchons les meilleurs fournisseurs, étudions et affinons les procédés de séchage et de torréfaction.

Les mix sont humides comme le tabac, il est donc important de ne pas les laisser au soleil ou de ne pas laisser trop longtemps le paquet ouvert. Si ils sont bien conservés, ils se bonifient avec le temps ! 

Quantité, densité, intensité d'inhalation, sont des facteurs de la qualité de combustion ou de vaporisation,
La température appliquée en conscience sublime les parfums et l'expérience 

Herbal'Mix Neutral


❁ Coltsfoot

Herbal'Mix Fruity


❁ Raspberry



dried herbs

Very finely cut


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